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$250 Of Free Pillsbury Coupons, Recipes And More!

Pillsbury is one of America’s great old companies. [source: Britannica]

It was founded back in 1872 and even though it was bought by General Mills in 2001, it has retained much of its identity and many of the company’s products are household favorites across the nation and indeed, overseas.

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What Do You Have To Do?

There’s nothing complicated about this offer and you won’t spend hours on form filling to get your pack.

Free Pillsbury Coupons

You just sign up for a free email list which gives you news about new Pillsbury products and shares hints and tips for getting even more out of their product range.

In return, they mail you a bumper pack of coupons (currently $250 worth) for Pillsbury products in stores and also provide you with a bunch of useful recipes.

It’s important to note that you’re only allowed to take them up on their generous offer, once per household. So, please don’t create multiple email accounts, they’ll just filter them out and you’ll have wasted your time.

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