3 Piece Juvale Silicone Bakeware Set: It’s A Steal For Any Kitchen!

Cakes! It’s one of my favorite subjects in the world. If you’re not making your own cakes at home, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s not hard to make a cake, you don’t need to give up a whole day like your mom (or maybe your grandma) used to.

You can even make a cake if you don’t have an oven. Seriously, check this out:

All you need is some decent bakeware and I have the perfect bakeware to get you started in the shape of the 3 Piece Juvale Silicone Bakeware Set.

Rings, Rounds And Seashells

What I like about the Juvale set is that it’s not completely standardized. While you have some nice ring molds so you can bake some bundt cakes (see below if you’re worried about them sticking), round molds for the traditional muffins and then some awesome seashell molds for candy or chocolate!

They’re also made out of silicone which means they are, quite literally, flexible. I find it so much easier to remove cakes from these molds than I do from rigid metal tins.

Heat But Not Flame Resistant

Silicone is completely heat resistant and these work very well in the oven, microwave or freezer but you can’t put them on naked flames or under the grill – they will catch fire.

I’m also pleased to report that the Juvale Bakeware set is completely dishwasher safe and that makes it one of the easiest bakeware sets to wash that I’ve ever owned. Many metal sets must be washed by hand.

If you’d like to buy this super set (at a great price) you can find the 3 Piece Juvale Silicone Bakeware Set on Amazon.

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  1. My daughter loves to bake. She made 200 butter tarts on her wedding day
    as a take home treat for her guests.
    Would love to win this for her.

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