40 Piece Bakeware Set From Encounter Kitchen – A Bargain Way To Become An Expert Baker

I think the reason that most people don’t bake at home anymore is that they’re intimidated by what seems like “all that stuff” you need to bake with. That’s why I think bakeware sets are awesome, they give a would-be baker all they need to get started and that means they can get on with baking and leave their excuses behind.

This 40 piece bakeware set from Encounter Kitchen may be one of the best value sets that I’ve ever encountered. Whatever you want to bake, they’ve got you covered, and I like the brightly colored silicone approach too. They make baking look like fun and the good news is – it is fun!

Something For You To Bake

The Irish have a delicious culinary heritage and one of the cornerstones of that heritage is soda bread. The best soda bread is light on the inside with a substantive crust and this recipe from Allrecipes will get you started and you’ll be so glad that you did. Make a stew too and dip hunks of the bread in it – you’ll be hooked.

Honestly, this is amazing bread.

The Bakeware Set

This is a superb bakeware set. Not only does it have all you’ll ever need to bake but its also really substantially built. Silicone sets often feel weak and flimsy, but I am convinced that this set will outlast me and that makes it a very cheap investment.

Also, it cleans up brilliantly and that makes for a wonderfully easy approach to baking because you don’t dread the worst bit – washing up.

You can buy the 40 piece bakeware set from Encounter Kitchen on Amazon and it’s a steal at twice the price!

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  2. Really need this. Just got engaged and love to bake something for my fiance. Also my birthday is in February 23 and I can bake myself a cake! So thankful for the wonderful opportunity!

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