At Kitchen Authority we believe in testing products before we recommend them. 

We like to get under the skin of the devices and gadgets that make the modern kitchen so much fun.

We spend a lot of time on it with: hands-on-testing, talking to people in the industry, reviewing product documentation, wading through the latest research and, most importantly, talking to other customers about their experiences.

This means that our team can put forward recommendations based on experience and genuine pleasure at using a device.

Of course, not every piece we produce is the same and it might take a lot more work to review a range of sandwich makers or coffee machines than it does to recommend an awesome recipe for Chinese dumplings.

Yet, when we go deep. We go really deep.

We try to outline all the best options in any given product category so you can find the right product for you and your family. We recognize that we are not all the same and we all have different needs.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We review thousands of products each year and we focus our efforts on products that are great value. We appreciate that most families don’t have money to burn and we look to ensure that your money goes as far as possible. We spend a lot of time working to find the right options that won’t break your bank.

We are a small team which specializes in this kind of work. Every single one of us has our own home, family and kitchen and we all cook almost every day of our lives.

This isn’t just a job for us but an extension of our own lives. We’re not hoity-toity journalists from the big city trying to earn a crust; we’re people like you and we want to deliver awesome value for you.

Our editorial team also has a lot of input on the final shape of everything we publish and we’re learning.

Every month we aspire to do better than the last and we believe that we deliver on that promise.

If you think there’s something we can do better – we’re always happy to hear suggestions from you.

How Do We Make Money?

Full disclosure: we make our money in two different ways. The first is paid advertising; this is provided by only the most reputable advertisers on the Internet. It’s always family friendly and it is meant to complement the reading experience.

We also use affiliate links. These are links which when you click on them and purchase the product – we receive a commission.

You do not pay any extra for the product in these circumstances we are paid from the marketing budget of the affiliate company.

Importantly, our use of affiliates does not impact on our reviews and recommendations our readers come first. We don’t promote bad products and we regularly pass on review opportunities that we don’t feel will benefit you.

Need To Talk To Us?

If you want to provide feedback or have any questions you want answered please feel free to drop us a line at contact @ – we always love to hear from our readers. You also reach our founder Olive with olive@.

Some Of Your Questions Answered

Do you really give away products for free?

Yes, since Kitchen Authority was launched, we’ve given away a huge number of items that we’ve tested. The prizes we give are always brand new and boxed, though, they’re not the test models. We like to share the joy of the products we test with our readers and what better way to do that than to give them away?

How much research do you do?

How long’s a piece of string? We’re joking, sort of. However, the real answer is “it depends” our guides take a lot more work than a recipe recommendation, for example. We might test 100 products to get to our Top 5 and a few more highly recommended products. Coming up with testing criteria and the research around it can add a lot more work on top.

How many people are involved in each test?

It depends on our workload and the depth of test we’re trying to carry out. We always like to make sure that at least two people have tested a product so that we have a basis for consensus in our reviews and recommendations, but it can be a few more if the occasion requires it.

How regularly do you update the site?

Pretty much every day. We believe that you deserve fresh content all the time.

Do you accept paid reviews?

No. If we did a sponsored post – we’d label it as a sponsored post but to date we haven’t done one. In any case, we wouldn’t do paid reviews.

Do you test everything people send to you?

No. We’re happy to consider reviewing any item that’s sent to us but in reality, we only pick things to review that our readers are going to find useful. It doesn’t matter if the product is free – it’s not an automatic pass to inclusion.