About Us


Welcome to Kitchen Authority. My name is Joy and I run a few websites with a common theme. Here’s what you need to know.

I Love Cool Things

I am really passionate about certain things in life such as cooking and other cool kitchen related stuff. I also think it’s unfair that we never get a chance to try the things that are reviewed on websites.

Have you noticed that? “Here’s this really cool cat house but you have to buy it to see why it’s cool.” It’s so frustrating. So, I wanted to change the way that reviews are done.

I Wish I Could Buy The World A Kitchen

Now, I can’t afford to buy everyone on the planet a new set of kitchen equipment, though if I could, I probably would but I can make sure that one lucky person gets to try the things I love.

So, every product that I review here on Kitchen Authority will have a sweepstakes associated with it at some point. That sweepstakes will run for 30 days. Anyone can enter, as long as they live in Canada or the USA and aren’t breaking any local laws by doing so.

The Rules Are Simple

You can enter every single day for that 30 days and get an extra entry each time for doing so. After 30 days, the sweepstakes is drawn, and the lucky winner is announced, and I send them their prize.

Daily Prizes, No Excuses

I am launching Kitchen Authority in May 2018. So that means from June 2018 onwards – there will be a prize given away at least once every day from this site. Real people, real winners, no catches.

If you want to know who they are, sign up for a sweepstakes, my mailing list gets to know about every single giveaway and who won. It’s 100% free to join too. No catches, no tricks and I won’t be asking you for money ever.

How I Pay For This

Pretty good, right? So, how do I pay for this? Well, I use affiliate advertising. That means if you can’t wait for a prize to be awarded and want to buy it, when you click on my Amazon link and buy it, I get paid a small commission.

This doesn’t change the price for you. Amazon pays me from its marketing budget.

I also allow select advertisers to advertise here too.  That means Kitchen Authority will always be free for you to use and to win prizes on! That makes me happy and I hope it makes you happy too.

So, come join the fun!

See you soon,