Aicok Sandwich Maker Is A Mult-Purpose Gem

I think my father would have loved the Aicok Sandwich Maker, Panini Press Grill, Waffle Maker, and American Toaster Maker.

aicok sandwich maker

It’s the kind of product that would have given him a huge buzz for its versatility and its ability to make all of his favorite foods in the same device.

Now, in my house, we try not to eat too many carbs but I have to confess, I’ll be keeping my Aicok because I fell in love with it.

I think my dad would have been proud of me for it.

At Heart, The Aicok Is One Device

I love toasted sandwiches, they’re my secret vice as I explained recently.

Want to make some of my favorite toasted sandwiches? Check out my picks for the best toasted sandwich recipes here.

At heart, the Aicok is nothing but a toasted sandwich maker.

Aicok panini waffle

That means it takes up no more storage space in my kitchen than my regular sandwich maker.

You can make waffles, press paninis, etc. by removing the detachable plates and replacing them easily and quickly.

I stress that this is the important bit, this is really easy to do.

You don’t need a degree in engineering or the ability to build a Lego set in 3 minutes with a child screaming in the background. It’s easy!

The Aicok Sandwich Maker Is Fast

The 3-minute warm up time actually beat my favorite sandwich toaster by a substantial margin.

That’s a big deal when you have kids like mine who don’t want to wait when there’s a cheese and ham toastie in the offing.

Aicok device

My husband likes the waffle settings too. They’re his favorite breakfast item and we’ve always been a bit shy of making them because they’re a bit of a pain in our old waffle maker.

So, yes, I love the Aicok Sandwich Maker, Panini Press Grill, Waffle Maker, and American Toaster Maker.

I strongly recommend that you buy it!

At a price of just over $30, it’s awesome value and lets you clear out your old waffle maker too.

For additional reviews of sandwich makers check out our guide to sandwich makers here.


  1. Waffles! My belly is growling already! I’d love to have this…

  2. Mine has worn out as it was a favorite in our family. Your gift would be a much needed replacement. Thanks

  3. This is an awesome win!

  4. I would love to win this All the things I could make WOW!

  5. This would be a great addition to my kitchen.I am in a wheelchair and this would be so much more safer for me than using my gas stove! Thank you for your consideration. Have a blessed day.

  6. I had one and lost it in the fire. Its On my Wishlist!!

  7. would love to have it

  8. nice grill

  9. This would be a great help in my kitchen, thanks for the entry opportunity.

  10. Sounds good to me.

  11. I love the combination of flexibility … and I don’t have a waffle-maker … so, winning this would be great.

  12. I love to cook and this is fantastic, I would this daily, also I make “Waffle cakes” my friends and family love them

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