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Aicok Water Master Stainless Steel Kettle Review

I’ve looked at one kettle this month and for that, I went with something exciting. It’s a kettle that you could see through and watch the water boil,which is way more interesting than it might sound. For a complete guide to Tea Makers check out our Complete Kitchen Authority Guide to Tea Makers.

Today, I want to go with something a little more classic looking and I’ve settled on the Aicok Water Master in Stainless Steel.

Why was I drawn to this model? There are two good reasons to look at the Aicok – the first is that it has a larger reservoir than your average kettle, so you can squeeze a cup or two of extra water out of it.

Secondly, it has a very high wattage rating and that means it boils incredibly quickly. That’s a really useful thing to have around if you’re running late in the morning and you still need your coffee.

A Brief Interlude

As we’re on the subject of kettles. I just wanted to share this awesome recipe I found this week for making your own kettle corn – it doesn’t use a kettle, it uses a microwave but oh my, it’s good.

How Does The Aicok Perform?

I really liked the Aicok Water Master in Stainless Steel. That was a bit of a surprise as I thought I was ready to stick with a see-through kettle for the rest of my life. I find watching water boil so much more relaxing than you would believe.

However, we’re often in a rush in the mornings as a young family and faster boiling times are definitely winning me over. A minute or two is nothing to be sneezed at when you’re a young mom like me.

Also, it looks very grown up. Like the kind of thing I always dreamed I would own when I had my own place.

So, yes, I am much more enthusiastic about this kettle than I expected to be.

I’m happy to recommend it to my readers.

You can buy the Aicok Water Master in Stainless Steel on Amazon here.


    • Absolutely, Ive never won anything, in my life! Im of English decent, so thats the tea lover in me, that I would use this for at times. I would mostly use it for the gallon of water I drink daily to keep my kidneys healthy. Thanks for the opportunity, greatly appreciated.


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