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Amazon Basics 18-Piece Dinnerware Set – A Home Kitchen Bargain

It’s time to think about going back to basics and not just because today’s offering has “basics” in its name.

We like to make people’s lives nicer here at Kitchen Authority and what could be better than a whole new approach to your dinnerware?

Amazon Basics has a lovely 18-piece dinnerware set for sale at a very reasonable price and we decided that we’d give it a test run so that we could give a set away to our readers! Well, I am glad to report that it’s an excellent purchase.

First, Some Table Manners

If you’re going to do things properly at home then you need the right dining environment; which includes your dinnerware.

You also need the right attitude toward eating, getting table manners right is important for a family.

Here’s The Distilled Man’s introduction to the most important table manners…

Simple stuff, right?

So, The Dinnerware…

The Amazon Basics 18-piece dinnerware set is exactly what every home should own.

A simple set of functional items that add uniformity and a sense of occasion to dining together. They help show children that order is a good thing as well as giving adults a sense of pride in a well-presented dinner table.

They’re good quality items (as you’d expect from Amazon) and with the appropriate care; they should last a long time too.

You can buy the Amazon Basics 18-piece dinnerware set (on Amazon, unsurprisingly) for a very reasonable price right now.


  1. YES! I am still using mix matched hand me downs from family from over 15 years ago! Time to be an adult and have a matching set!

  2. We need a new set of dishes, and we are grateful for the opportunity to win this drawing!!


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Amazon Basics 18-Piece Dinnerware Set - A Home Kitchen Bargain 5
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