Amazon Basics Kettle Is Functional Simplicity

Every home needs to ensure that it has the basics covered in the kitchen.

There’s no point in filling your life with a bunch of cool gadgets if you can’t make a cup of tea in record time when your sister comes around to regale you with her latest relationship woes. (Not my sister, honest, her love life isn’t complicated at all – except on her Facebook status).

So, today, we turn to a kitchen staple. The rather ruggedly handsome Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle.

Amazon Basics Kettle

It’s a family sized beast with a full liter of water capacity (roughly 2 pints).

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How To Descale A Kettle

If you want to get the best out of a kettle; it’s a good idea to descale it on a regular basis. Scale is a build of Calcium Carbonate (known as limescale) on the element.

It’s not dangerous to health (in fact, it’s good for your heart) but it’s not good for the element and it’s easy to remove as you can see in this Clean My Space video here. Easy, right?

So, The Amazon Basics Kettle…

I love this kettle. I love it so much that we’ve kept one for use in the Kitchen Authority office.

It looks amazing and that’s really my primary reason for picking a kettle. They all boil water, right? And it would take a special kind of skinflint to measure the electricity throughput for each boil.

So, all that’s left is looks and this Amazon Basics is a beauty.

We give this our highest rating for home kettle use and would strongly encourage you to buy one if you need a new kettle. It’s great value for money.

Find the Amazon Basics Kettle, unsurprisingly, online.


  1. I’m still cooking with hand me down pans and such that I bought in 1984. They’re worn out. Pans are expensive.

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