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Amazon Stainless Steel Kettle Review

OK, you got me – it’s a kettle and as such, this isn’t going to be the most exciting review that we’ve ever done.

After all, there’s not much you need from a kettle, right?

It’s not going to suddenly turn into a toaster or a microwave or a BBQ.

It’s got one important job to do and if it does it – it’s OK.

Yet, this isn’t quite true. I’ve had numerous kettles which fell to pieces in the first few weeks or months of use.

Even expensive brands can neglect hinges on lids or quality switches.

So, how does the Amazon Basics Kettle measure up when we consider that it’s a “value” purchase for the average American household.

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Essential Kettle Maintenance

I am going to assume that you’re aware of how to use a kettle given that it only has one job so we’re going to skip straight on to a subject that’s equally important – how to clean a kettle.

Cleaning kettles can be a tricky business as they’re prone to scaling on the element particularly if you don’t have filtered or bottled water all the time.

So, there you go – cleaning a kettle is a really easy job if you clean it while it boils.

Final Word on The Amazon Kettle

OK, so first up – this kettle, as expected, does a great job of boiling water. I am convinced that it can boil water on a regular basis for years.

That’s the basics covered and makes it a decent buy but what makes it a great buy?

Well, it’s the quality of the build. This isn’t a cheap plastic Chinese made model that’s going to fall to pieces after a few uses – it’s going to stick around for a long time. Assuming that is you don’t throw it across the room… and that’s what makes this a good buy.



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