AmazonBasics Coffee Maker Review

If you love coffee you’ll probably like the Amazonbasics coffee maker. Tired of instant coffee? I hear you.

There was a dark time in our household where we thought we could save a few minutes in the morning with instant coffee.

It wasn’t worth it.

This AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffee Maker which comes with a nice glass carafe is an excellent solution if you find yourself in the same boat.

It’s affordable, easy to clean and best of all, there’s no need for filters!

AmazonBasics Coffee Maker

The Curse Of Being A Coffee Addict

Coffee is often portrayed as something we shouldn’t be using. “It’s a drug,” they say. It will dehydrate you. It will make you die younger.

Yet, while coffee does contain caffeine and that is a drug; coffee is not bad for you at all.

See this video about why coffee is not the monster people might want you to think it is. I used to believe the negative hype and moving to instant was part of a plan to wean myself off. Now, I know better and I believe that coffee is an important part of our daily routine.

So, Why The AmazonBasics Coffee Maker?

The AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffee Maker is a great coffee maker because it makes enough coffee for 2 adults to have 2 generous cups (or 2.5 smaller ones) in the morning.

It’s easy to operate and you can have your first cup within 10 minutes of unboxing.

It’s also durable and simple to clean. Most importantly, it costs less than $20 and that makes it exceedingly good value for money.

You can buy the AmazonBasics Coffee Maker online.

If you want additional information about coffee makers read our coffee makers guide here.


    • I would love to an this for my daughter, she deserves it,I can’t afford to buy her one myself, besides working a fill time job, she has taken in 3 foster children, which are siblings of one she already had, spends every Sat with then sound things or taking trips.

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