America The Cookbook Is A Culinary Journey

Gabrielle Langholtz set themselves a serious task. 

To document American cuisine from the ground up and show the incredible variety of techniques and recipes native to our land. 

The result was America: The Cookbook

Why We Love America The Cookbook

America The Cookbook

This is more than just a cookbook, instead of being just a collection of recipes (though there are plenty of recipes here too), it’s a collection of essays and ideas from America’s finest chefs.

Gabrielle brings an iconic 100 cooks together to create 50 essays, 50 menus and 800 recipes to define what it means to eat American. 

The thing we really liked about this approach was the state-by-state guide. 

It had each of us in the office exclaiming with delight to see our hometown fare in the spotlight. 

This is a culinary journey but one with plenty of stops along the road for amazing meal breaks.

If you only cooked half the recipes in America: The Cookbook, you’d find yourself in touch with the living breathing soul of our nation’s culinary heritage and we don’t think you can ask for more than that from a cookbook.

Don’t miss out, pick up a copy today! You can grab a copy online here.

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