Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker – An Unusual Gadget That Makes Cheap And Cheerful Snacks For The Whole Family


Every now and again, I like to buy a gadget that is simply unnecessary but which adds a little cheer to my life and to my family’s eating routine. Nobody on earth needs a waffle stick maker, you can make ordinary waffles and just cut them with a knife, right?

But for around 10 bucks, I figured that I could throw caution to the wind and treat us to one of these Babycakes Waffle Stick Makers anyway. So, I did and I have to say that I am pleased that I did and let’s take a look at why…

But First, Why Waffles Are Interesting

Believe it or not, waffles have a bit of history to share and I found this neat little video on YouTube to walk you through it. This makes waffles stand out from being “just another source of carbs” and become a food that you can talk to your family about. I enjoy having something to start a conversation at the dinner table with, don’t you? So, here it is:

Interesting, wasn’t it?

So, The Babycakes Device?

This device makes a single waffle which is then neatly sliced into 4 lines. The waffles it makes are as good as the recipe for waffles that you use. It’s easy to clean which is important as this is a snack maker and I don’t want to spend more time on washing up than on cooking.

Most importantly, my kids love it. The eldest one can make their own waffles in it and show off to their friends. The youngest just loves waffles you can hold and dip in chocolate sauce. Bless them.

I recommend that, if you have 10 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, that you give the Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker a try on Amazon today.

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