Proctor Silex Rice Cooker: A Storming Budget Buy


Sometimes, you just have to have rice with a meal and the best way to cook that rice is in a rice cooker. Most American homes don’t have a rice cooker, yet, but they should have – it’s an awesome way to cook rice and keep it usable all day long.

This Proctor Silex Rice Cooker is a superb choice for your first rice cooker. It delivers exactly the right amount of rice for a family meal or for 2-3 meals for a couple. It’s also amazing value and won’t break the bank.

Introduce Your Family To Rice

If you aren’t eating much rice at home; you might be worried that your kids won’t like it. Don’t be too concerned, in my experience, kids aren’t normally scared of rice or white colored starches and as you can see from this video – most of them enjoy rice when they try it.

Rice also gives you an excuse to try more rice dishes and to incorporate some new flavors on the menu. It doesn’t just have to be Mexican and Chinese food either – there are lots of countries that use rice in their cuisine.

So, Why This Rice Cooker?

It’s the price point that draws me to this rice cooker in the first place. At less than $20 it’s the perfect appliance for many households – it’s not going to leave you too hard up and that means you can enjoy planning meals rather than worrying about the cost.

Surprisingly, though, it’s a solid little performer and you won’t need to replace this Proctor Silex any time soon unless it becomes a daily fixture in your life that is (and then you’ll want to upgrade it at some point for some fancier features).

You can buy this Proctor Silex Rice Cooker on Amazon and I strongly recommend that you do.

Win It!

You can also win this rice cooker thanks to my friends at It’s a money saving buy and they love to save people money! The draw entries begin on August 14 and you can enter each day, every day for a month for extra chances to win. Enter Now

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  1. These are the best rice cookers, rice comes out perfect every time. I had the same one for 10 years ready for new one.

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