The Black And Decker 6-Speed Hand Mixer – Attachments For Every Occasion AND A Sensible Price


Every kitchen needs certain tools and without them, that kitchen is not complete. For me, one of the biggest essentials you can own is a hand mixer. You can tackle so many jobs with it and it makes baking pleasurable rather than a grueling endurance race on your forearms and fingers.

So, I was delighted when somebody pointed us towards this Black and Decker 6-speed hand mixer, my old mixer is looking a little peaky and it was going to need replacing soon. So, how did things turn out with the Black and Decker? Let’s take a look…

But First, Mashed Potatoes

When I say the hand mixers are really versatile, I mean it. You don’t just tackle baking tasks with it – you can even tackle some of the thornier kitchen tasks in other areas. Such as making really smooth mashed potato. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this:

Easy, right? That’s the kind of cooking that I love getting involved in.

So… The Black And Decker

I really like the Black and Decker entry-level range for kitchen appliances and this mixer is no exception. It’s robustly built, has all the attachments you could reasonably need, and it has a punchy motor that makes short work of the most common tasks I use a mixer for. At a very sensible price, this is a 5 star recommended product.

See for yourself, the Black and Decker 6-speed hand mixer is on Amazon here. Buy it today.

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