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Avocado Huggers Keeping Fruit Fresh For You

Avocado Huggers Keeping Fruit Fresh For You 2

I love food so much that I think we should all give it a hug. I am, of course, joking but a reader recently directed me to a fruit that’s in need of a hug. The humble avocado and because that might be a little moist for most people, there’s a product that does it for you.

The Avocado Huggers are a cute little product that can both brighten up your kitchen and help you reduce food waste and this is what you need to know.

Avocados Are Yummy!

I know, you already knew that, but if you didn’t. Avocados are both yummy and healthy. They’re a fatty fruit but the fats are all the healthy kind and if you turn an avocado into guacamole, you have the best dip in the world.

So, why do they need an Avocado Hugger?

Well, most people don’t eat a whole avocado each time they prepare one.

That’s because as a rich food, you don’t need so much of it. The other half then goes in the fridge where it promptly dries out and ends up in the bin.

That’s where the avocado hugger comes in. It works as shown in the video below:

So, Are They Any Good?

Yes, no surprise, they are actually very good. I wouldn’t feature a product that I thought my readers would be disappointed by.

Sure, the avocado hugger isn’t an essential (unless you eat avocado daily) but it’s very useful, it does what it sets out to do and it’s an easy way to go green.

You can buy the avocado huggers from Uncommon Goods. They’re not expensive and I’ve found the company to be reliable and pleasant to deal with.

Go on, give them a try, you know you want to.


  1. This would really work for me since lately I’ve been eating avocados everyday, avocado toast! Thank you so much for this chance to win.

  2. I love this, we eat avocados daily and would love something to help keep them till the evening. Thanks for the chance.


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