Kiddo Feedo Storage Baby Food Containers – A Big Help To Moms On A Budget


One of the things that nobody tells you when you’re pregnant is how much work having a little one will be when it comes to getting their food ready. You can save money and time when you’re preparing meals by making larger batches and keeping portions for later. But, standard freezer kit doesn’t come in the right sizes for baby meals.

That is until the Kiddo Feedo Storage Baby Food Containers came along. They’re a neat little invention that comes with a well-divided set of spaces to make individual meal portions for baby and then freeze them in a sensible fashion without taking up too much room in your freezer. It also comes with a  neat free book by Clancy Harrison, a child nutritionist, on what you should cook for your kids!

Something To Put In Your Baby’s Food Containers

Well, now we’re on children’s food, it seems like it might be time to introduce some ideas for you to prepare and freeze in the Kiddo Feedo containers, right? So, I picked up Fusion Cooking’s 9 lunch ideas for babies aged over 10 months. They look yummy!

What do you think?

So, These Storage Containers…

I don’t have babies at home anymore, mine are a little more grown but that’s OK – I worked with my friend to test these Kiddo Feedo Storage Baby Food Containers and we conclude they’re really useful. They’re not essential, you can keep doing whatever you did before you discovered these but they do save time and money and we like that.

They’re also well made and the recipe book is very good. All told, we really recommend the Kiddo Feedo Storage Baby Food Containers.

You can buy the Kiddo Feedo Storage Baby Food Containers on Amazon for a fairly low price too.

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