Bamboo Sushi Kit Review

It seemed like a good fit to do this Bamboo Sushi Kit review as we love to eat our way around the world at home. Well… if I’m honest, my husband and I do.

My kids often say they’d rather eat something more American.

I do cook a lot of traditional food, but I strongly believe it can help your kids better understand the wider world if they try the food from other cultures.

If there’s one culture that we really can admire from afar it’s the Japanese one.

They have high living standards, low crime rates and they’re among the longest living people on earth.

Most people agree that their longevity is due to their diet [source: Independant]

Bamboo Sushi Kit Review

So, that’s why I was pleased to try the Bamboo Sushi Kit!

While my kids groaned when they heard me talk about it I can also share that sushi may be their new favorite food.

How Sushi Works

Sushi is not raw fish. Though it’s perfectly fine to serve raw fish with sushi.

Sushi is the rice and the wrapper. The contents and companions are entirely up to you.

How Sushi Works

I liked a bit of raw fish with some ginger, wasabi, and soy to accompany it but you are free to let your imagination run wild.

Here’s the important bit… how to make sushi rolls! Check it out in this video. Easy, right?

So, about this Bamboo Sushi Kit Review?

There’s no rocket science here.

You have some rolling mats and some chopsticks. They work exactly as described and as you can see, they’re very attractive to look at too.

My kids had a ton of fun making their own sushi rolls, they were even willing to overlook raw fish for the joy of making stuff.

So, we’ll be doing this again in the future.

The Bamboo Sushi Kit is available for a very reasonable price online.

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