A Cracking Condiment Set – Tis The Season To Be Seasoning, Always


We’re getting even close to Christmas here at Kitchen Authority and my children are getting more and more excited about their presents. However, before we get there we’re going to tackle lots of lovely kitchen equipment for our dear readers.

I speak of the season because today, we’re going to check out seasoning. Everybody needs to season their food properly and what better way to do it than with this gorgeous set? It includes Salt and Pepper grinders as well as oil and vinegar bottles to give your meals that European touch.

Why Do We Use Salt & Pepper?

Seasoning is such a huge part of cooking that it comes almost naturally but that means many of us will never ask, “why salt & pepper?” Well, that question was asked (and answered) by the clever folks of “It’s OK to be Smart” and you can see what they concluded here:

I thought that was pretty interesting, did you?

So, This Set

Now, that we’ve determined that salt and pepper are kitchen essentials and that we all need to season our food we turn to the thorny question of “why this set?”

Well, for me, it’s partly the stainless-steel appeal – there’s something that says “I keep my kitchen clean” with stainless items and as hygiene is essential around food, that’s a good start. I also found that I liked the grinding action on the set and both salt and pepper worked well.

Finally, I like the touch of oil and vinegar. There’s nothing better than the crunch of a warm ciabatta being dipped in extra virgin Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum. That makes this set more flexible than many others.

You can buy this condiment set on Amazon here and it’s for a very reasonable price. So, why not give it a go?

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