SimpleHouseware Rack Holder And Organizer – Every Kitchen Needs To Be Kept Tidy


Not everything that we examine on Kitchen Authority can be as exciting as a brand new blender. I admit that it’s hard to beat the excitement of listening to the smashing of ice cubes but sometimes, it’s necessary for us to look at more prosaic but equally essential kitchen items.

Today, we come to the requirement to keep your kitchen tidy. If there’s anywhere in your home that needs cleanliness and order; it’s your kitchen. You could hurt someone badly or worse, poison them by accident if you don’t. So, The SimpleHouseware Pot Lid Rack Holder and Organizer may not be exciting but it is important.

Some Other Kitchen Safety Ideas

If you want to stay safe in the kitchen then you might want to give up 3 minutes of your time and check out these awesome inventions. Each one of them makes working in the kitchen safer and easier than it was before. I don’t think you’ll need all of them, but everybody could probably use 1 or 2 of them.

I love the knife proof gloves, they’re awesome!

So, The Simple Houseware Rack, then?

This is a neat and cost-effective solution to keeping pan lids safe. I stack the pans on my shelves to save space but it’s always meant filling the space around them in disorderly fashion with their lids. Now, I have somewhere to put them without risking breaking them or dropping them on my feet by accident.

The Simple Houseware rack is easy to clean and it’s robust enough that I am not worried about ever needing to buy a second one. That’s all you can really ask for from a product like this. Oh and it looks nice enough too.

You can buy The SimpleHouseware Pot Lid Rack Holder and Organizer on Amazon and if you need it then you probably should.

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2 thoughts on “SimpleHouseware Rack Holder And Organizer – Every Kitchen Needs To Be Kept Tidy

  1. We are replacing the kitchen floors and cabinets after Hurricane Florence; organizational space is next. I could sure use these.

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