BELLA Rocket Blender Review

For this BELLA Rocket Blender review we had to make a tough decision.

Smoothies are a big deal to me and I’ve said so in the past but today, I want to look at blending something else – baby food.

The urge to make a smoothie is strong but I resist.

Sure, you can (and should) make super smoothies with a BELLA Rocket Blender, you can also make baby food with it and this is a great way to save money and make sure your baby isn’t eating any unwanted additives.

BELLA Rocket Blender Review

(For additional documentation about blenders see the Kitchen Authority 2020 Best Blender Guide.)

Home Made Puree With The BELLA Rocket Blender

Weaning babies isn’t the easiest of jobs.

There are lots of things to get right and that means store-bought baby food often seems like the appealing way to do it.

Yet, there’s no need – you can make nutritious and delicious food for your baby in minutes.

See how it’s done with broccoli in the awesome video!

So many vitamins and minerals! Yum.

The Bella Rocket Blender Review?

The Bella Rocket Blender lets you prepare sensible portions for your child. It also lets you make smoothies for yourself too!

It’s a nice easy to use design and it’s decently powerful which will let you get even leafy greens turned into a pile of drinkable mush in no time at all.

It’s dishwasher safe and includes a bunch of handy cups and lids to make operation simple and versatile.

I like the Bella Rocket Blender enough to have one in my home office for those moments when I really need a smoothie. If my little was still in need of baby food; I’d use it for that too.

Find the Bella Rocket Blender on Amazon. It’s very fairly priced.


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