9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love

If you’re looking to delve deeper into the world of Chinese cuisine, Chinese food blogs are the perfect place to start if you want to deep dive into Chinese cuisine.

They offer a wealth of information, tips and tricks on Chinese cooking, and the human stories behind traditional dishes.

Our favorite Chinese food blogs are written by passionate home cooks, chefs, and food enthusiasts, who share their personal experiences. The cuisine is intertwined with the culture, history, and everyday stories of Chinese people.

They are not only informative but also entertaining. They will take you on a journey of flavors and cultural experiences that will leave you feeling both satisfied and inspired.

We are big fans of step-by-step recipes and these cookbooks hit the mark. They also showcase great photography and art design. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Society

Diana Kuan is a Chinese woman based in New York and when she’s not blogging about Chinese food, she’s teaching it at college.

Her blog is a nice mix of the traditional and her own modern take on Chinese food. 

Read more on the blog here.

Red Cook

This food blogger isn’t a chef, Kian Lam Kho is, in fact, a software engineer by day but there’s no doubt in our minds that if he published a cookbook, it would make our list of the best Chinese cookbooks, easily. 

He did apprentice with a chef for 6 months and his journey from adventurous amateur to something more is brilliant to read. 

Check out the blog here.

Yi Reservation

Yi was raised in Chongqing before he emigrated to the United States and his Chinese cuisine is very much based around the city he grew up in.

We like that he solicits contributions from the wider Chinese community too. 

9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love 1

China Sichuan Food

Sichuan is famous for its hot and peppery approach to food and while it’s not as spicy as, say, Hainanese food, you do need to watch how much chili you’re adding to the mix at times. 

There’s no denying though that this blog will teach you all you need to know about delicious Sichuan food. 

9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love 2

The Woks Of Life

We love the name of this blog, if it were a cookbook, it might even make it to our top cookbooks of all time for the sheer ingenuity of it all.

It’s not a trick though, The Woks of Life is packed with tasty Chinese food that you won’t be able to resist. 

9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love 3

Chinese Healthy Cooking

Chinese food is much healthier than most people in the West seem to give it credit for and the obese are a rare sight on Chinese streets still, though the new generation is growing up on fast food and things may change. 

But Chinese Healthy Cooking accentuates the positive aspects of Chinese food and focuses on them. 

There’s no compromise on taste though, everything on this site is wonderful to eat. 

9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love 4

Cooking Follow Me

Daniel’s collection of Chinese recipes from all over the Chinese speaking world may be second to none, on the homepage alone, you’ll find links to more than 100 tasty dishes.

Everything here is prepared with love and enthusiasm and the photography is absolutely great, if you’re not hungry after visiting Cooking Follow Me, you must have just eaten. 

9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love 5

Wok & Kin

Wok & Kin’s main focus is Chinese food with a little slice of Vietnamese food on the side. We’re fine with that as Vietnam has a rich food heritage which complements China’s, neatly. 

Their noodle soup recipes are among the best we’ve ever tried and our only complaint is that Jeanette isn’t publishing new ideas 24 hours a day. Yum. 

9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love 6

My Chinese Home Kitchen

There’s a focus on story, history and culture as much as there is on food at My Chinese Home Kitchen and every single recipe comes to life on its pages.

It’s a good site to settle down with on a cold Winter evening as you can easily lose hours browsing the amazing Chinese food within. 

9 Chinese Food Blogs You Will Love 7

We think that between these Chinese food blogs, you could eat a different Chinese meal every day for the rest of your life, without repeating a single dish.

It’s amazing how much value the internet can provide when it comes to a good home cooked meal, every blog is worth your time and interest. Enjoy.