10 Best Cookbooks For Entertaining

There’s one form of cooking that’s more intimidating than all the rest – cooking for big groups of people.

How do you handle the inevitable fussy eaters? How do you make sure everything’s ready to go at the same time? And so on…

Fortunately, these cookbooks make entertaining seem easy and they leave you free to have fun rather than worry, check them out. 

Barefoot Contessa Parties! Ideas And Recipes For Easy Parties That Are Really Fun by Ina Garten

Ina Garten’s cookbooks changed my life and this is a great example of why. 

Ina’s a smash hit on the Food Network and this is her all-inclusive guide to entertaining, it’s so good that you may not need any other guides after reading this. 

Learn how to cater for a party for any occasion!

Best Cookbooks For Entertaining

Twenty Dinners by Ithai Schori and Chris Taylor

If you’re looking for something a little more understated then the 20 menus in this book are going to be perfect for you.

The focus on simplicity means you spend more time with your guests and less time in the kitchen. 

Twenty Dinners

Sarabeth’s Good Morning Cookbook: Breakfast, Brunch and Baking by Sarabeth Levine

Parties can take place in the morning and early afternoon as well as at night and Sarabeth’s famous brunch restaurant has given her all the insight that you need to make brunch go with a bang!

We also like that you can now try Sarabeth’s food with standing in a queue!

Sarabeth's Good Morning Cookbook

Williams-Sonoma Entertaining: Dinner Parties by Williams-Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma is one of our favorite cookware brands and they really know how to make a party swing. 

You have a straightforward selection of seven menus along with a guide to the workflow for each and even suggestions on how to serve things to have the greatest visual impact!

Williams-Sonoma Entertaining

Entertaining: A Year Of Celebrations by Martha Stewart

It could hardly be a guide to Entertaining cookbooks without Martha Stewart’s classic title could it? 

It’s been a smash hit with party goers since the 1980s and for good reason, these 300 recipes are still amazing today. 

Martha's Entertaining

Open Kitchen: Inspired Food For Casual Gatherings by Susan Spungen

Simple but elevated is the key theme of catering to groups according to Susan and this book helps you create Wow! moments from the most basic of ingredients.

It’s perfect for the time when the party just happens without being planned. 

Open Kitchen

See You On Sunday: A Cookbook For Family and Friends by Sam Sifton

The Sunday lunch gathering is the most important bonding ritual in family life and making simple but delicious meals for a crowd is an art form.

It’s an art that Sam has mastered too and these 200 meal recipes are the perfect way to ensure a happy family every time. 

See You on Sunday

The Art of the Host: Recipes And Rules For Flawless Entertaining by Alex Hitz

Alex Hitz was awarded the title of “very best host in the world” but the world’s most snobby newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, and we can see why.

This collection is the ideal thing to use when your dinner party has to impress, to seal a new business deal or a romantic connection. You can’t go wrong. 

The Art of the Host

Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook For Movie Lovers by Andrew Rea

Whether you’re holding an Oscars viewing party, a theme-night or looking for a guessing game to play with your guests, Eat What You Watch is the perfect cookbook.

It’s stacked with 40 super recipes from famous movies and you’re bound to get great ratings for each dish, even if Adam Sandler wins the Oscar for Best Actor. 

Eat What You Watch

Vegan Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes

Bryant Terry is one of our favorite vegan chefs and this book is ideal for anybody planning a plant-based party no matter their level of experience. 

If you want a little more vegetarian inspiration to complement Bryan’s recipes check out our best vegetarian cookbooks list, it’s awesome. 

Vegetable Kingdom

Final Thoughts On The Best Cookbooks For Entertaining

Whatever you like to eat or the style of party you’re catering for, there’s something in these best cookbooks for entertaining that will work for you. 

Why not grab one today and then start planning your first party? 


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