The Cooking Book Clubs We Recommend In 2024

The Cooking Book Clubs We Recommend In 2024 1

Contrary to popular belief, 98% of Americans agree that the best way to eat is to cook a meal at home.

More than half of us, in fact, cook at home at least 3 times a week and it helps save money and improve the healthy content of our meals.

But working out what to cook can be challenging and without an inflow of new ideas, home cooking can get boring pretty quickly.

That’s where our best cooking book clubs come in, they’re a chance to discover new recipes and, in most cases, to enjoy the company of others either in person or virtually to share the excitement of discovery with. 

The Good Cook – A Book Buying Cooking Book Club

This is the only fully commercial cooking book club out there. 

It’s simply a way to buy cookbooks cheaper than you would in the stores or on Amazon. 

You get two books for $9.99 each when you join and then 25% off the publisher’s edition prices forever more. 

There is no commitment to buy and you can cancel at any time.

The Cooking Book Clubs We Recommend In 2024 2

Saveur Magazine’s Online Cooking Book Club

If you’re just looking for a cooking book club that offers regular recommendations of cookbooks then you might want to check out Saveur Magazine.

They have a monthly read along and review thread for cookbooks which is quite fun and there’s a social element on their Instagram and Facebook groups too. 

The Cooking Book Clubs We Recommend In 2024 3

Food52s’s Facebook Cookbook Club

Food52 has a huge Facebook group that gets together to share ideas and tips and it’s a very friendly community. 

We think this is one of the best resources online for a curious home cook looking to broaden their skills in the kitchen. 

The Cooking Book Clubs We Recommend In 2024 4

Jamie Oliver’s Facebook Cookbook Club

If you want the company of a famous chef in your cooking book club, then you could hit up this group sponsored by Jamie Oliver.

We’re new members, so we don’t know how often Jamie puts in a personal appearance but this is a great group with really well structured recipe ideas and an active community sharing their results. 

The Cooking Book Clubs We Recommend In 2024 5

The Eat Your Books Facebook Cookbook Club

If you want something a little smaller and more intimate, the Eat Your Books cookbook club features a single cookbook each month and then the whole group works their way through it over the course of that month.

Then they share their thoughts, ideas and images regarding the food in the group. 

It’s a very lively place with a lot of excellent contributions. 

The Cooking Book Clubs We Recommend In 2024 6

The Library Cooking Book Club

You may also find that your local library has a cookbook club and if it does, that means access to the cookbooks for free!

If it doesn’t then why not talk to the librarians about starting a cookbook club, it’s just the kind of initiative that librarians love as it encourages people in the community to use the library. 

So, don’t be shy, pop into your local library today and enquire. 

Your Very Own Cooking Book Club

You could also set up your own cooking book club in your neighbourhood, just like an ordinary book club but with food.

A simple format you can use for this would be:

  • Choose a cooking book to get started with, but then vote on a book each month based on suggestions from your members
  • Discuss the book at the first meeting and then agree to bring a different dish each from the book to the next meeting
  • At the second meeting, eat, talk about the food and any advice, tips generated from the previous book and then pick up the next book and pick dishes for the next meeting
  • Rinse and repeat

You can also get some great ideas on how to run a book club from Bookriot. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Cooking Book Clubs

As you can see, there’s never any need to get stuck in a culinary rut, with the help of these awesome cooking book clubs, you’ll never run out of ideas.

And best of all, they’re not expensive, so why not sign up today and get started?

If you’re still looking for ideas on what books to read for your cookbook club, why not check out our best cookbooks of all time or our favorite Japanese cookbooks or these awesome vegetarian cookbooks