10 Best Cooking For Two Cookbooks

Cooking for two can sometimes feel like a chore but it doesn’t need to.

In fact, we’re firm believers that cooking for someone else can help bring you closer together and you can have a lot of fun with the food. 

Here are our top picks for the best cooking for two cookbooks and we’re positive that you’ll love them.

The Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas and Modern Recipes For Cooking With and For Each Other by Sarah Copeland

There’s a theme underpinning this excellent cookbook and it’s that food is an awesome way to show your love for another person.

Of course, you don’t need to be married to cook from this book but romance is heavily implied throughout and we kind of like it, the 130 recipes are great too. 

The Newlywed Cookbook

Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes To Nourish Your Relationship by Ashley Rodriguez

This fascinating cookbook is also like having a drama serialization to follow as you cook, that’s because these recipes were the ones Ashley devised to help rekindle her marriage.

So, each section begins with an intimate story followed by some lovely recipes (including cocktail recipes, which we love) to bring two people closer together. 

Date Night In

The Date Night Cookbook by Ned Fulmer and Ariel Fulmer

Ned & Ariel know what it takes to make a partnership work and they’ve put together 10 years of tips and inspiration from their own dating experiences to complement the food.

We like the range from simple stuff you throw together for a night of Netflix and Chill through to dishes built to impress even the hardest of hearts. 

The Date Night Cookbook

The Date Night Cookbook: Romantic Recipes & Easy Ideas To Inspire From Dawn til Dusk by Rebecca Warbis

Rebecca Warbis is a fan of keeping things simple, cozy and elegant as you pursue a little romance and her recipes reflect this.

But her themes range from dining in Paris to eating in an indoor tent and there’s always something surprising and interesting to be found in the pages of The Date Night Cookbook.

The Date Night

The Newlywed Table: A Cookbook To Start Your Life Together by Maria Zizka

Maria Zizka makes things a little more interesting by asserting that you don’t just learn to cook from a recipe book, the best couples learn to create together in the kitchen. 

From signature cocktails to the perfect dinner party, every couple needs Maria’s support. 

The Newlywed Table

The Complete Cooking For Two: 650 Recipes For Everything You’ll Ever Want To Make by America’s Test Kitchen

This nearly made our best cookbooks of all-time list and it’s a truly authoritative cookbook packed with everything you could possibly need to cook for two.

It doesn’t assume romance though and it’s as good for a pair of graduates sharing a flat as for a couple sharing a life. 

The Complete Cooking For Two

Movie Night Menus: Dinner And Drinks Recipes Inspired by the Films We Love by Tenaya Darlington

Cooking for two should be fun and intimate and what better way to make things interesting than to introduce themes?

This cookbook makes that super easy with drinks and dinners all inspired by our favorite movies. 

Movie Night Menus

Date Night Dinners – Meals To Make Together For A Romantic Evening by Sloane Taylor

The photography in this book is inspired by the “vintage boudoir” look and may not be to everyone’s taste but the recipes are spot on, all the same.

These 80 dishes draw on ingredients found in every home to make it easy to cook for two even as part of a busy life. 

Date Night Dinners

One Pan, Two Plates: More Than 70 Complete Weeknight Meals For Two by Carla Snyder and Jody Horton

Carla and Jody know that, as often as not, when there’s only two to cook for, there’s often work or other pressures that have to be accommodated in life.

So, their recipes for two are all about cutting down on prep and cooking time so that you can have a nice meal together within an hour of getting home for the day!

One Pan, Two Plates

5-Ingredient Cooking For Two: 100 Recipes Portioned For Pairs by Robin Donovan

When you just want to keep it simple, Robin Donovan suggests sticking to 5 key ingredients and then getting the meal cooked with the minimum of fuss.

These recipes are super tasty, designed to ensure that you never feel under-portioned and so that you have fun with your food. 

5-Ingredient Cooking For Two

Final Thoughts On Best Cooking For Two Cookbooks

There’s a cookbook for every couple in our list and we hope that you’ve found one to inspire your next meal for two. 

There are also plenty of recipes that a couple could enjoy in our favorite Japanese cookbooks and our best Thai cookbooks too, though they might need a little scaling, why not check them out?