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Top 8 Best Dishwashers for 2022

Dishwashers are awesome. In fact, they’re much better than washing by hand and that’s been confirmed by science too. 

So, check out our guide to the 8 best dishwashers on the market and find the perfect match for your family’s needs. 

Miele AutoDos Smart Dishwasher


Intelligent functionality, classic design and serious cleaning power combine to deliver our top pick.

KitchenAid Top Control Built-In Dishwasher


A great dishwasher for a home baker that needs an adjustable space for their mixing bowls.

Kenmore Elite Built-In Dishwasher with Micro Clean Filtration


When you want a finished wash that’s as dry as a bone, this is the dishwasher you need.

Miele AutoDos G7566 Smart Dishwasher: The Best Of The Best Dishwashers

It’s not often that you look at a dishwasher and think “that’s beautiful” but this Miele AutoDos really is.

It’s also a super powerful dishwasher with an inbuilt dispenser system that remembers how you like to wash and handles the powder dosage for you.

It’s one of the most energy-efficient machines on the market and you will end up with lower power bills for it.

Miele Autodos

Quick Fact: This model has an EcoTech Heat Exchanger which uses the heat in the dishwasher to help heat new water entering the body of the dishwasher!


1. Fully smart functionality using the Milee App
2. Will tear through the most soiled load lin less than an hour
3. Super easy to pack thanks to adjustable shelving


1. It’s a bit more complicated than some dishwashers to begin with
2. It’s expensive but then there’s no other dishwasher in its league, either
3. It’s perhaps a little bigger than small households need

KitchenAid – 24″ Top Control Built-In Dishwasher

The adjustable middle rack is built to ensure that a home baker is going to be able to get a mixing bowl in without too much effort in this KitchenAid.

We found this dishwasher to be particularly easy to program as it keeps the options down to things you really need rather than trying to impress you with a thousand cycle types.

KitchenAid Top Control

Quick Fact: KitchenAid was originally a brand of stand mixer for the Hobart Manufacturing Company but eventually the brand name was so well-known that the company adopted it.


1. The stainless steel inside is very luxurious looking
2. The adjustable middle rack is very useful
3. It may be stainless but it’s also smudge resistant


1. There’s no interior light
2. The bottom rack seems to move very quickly
3. It’s quite a noisy unit for this price bracket

Kenmore Elite 14815 24″ Built-In Dishwasher with Micro Clean Filtration

The Kenmore Elite is a very classic looking dishwasher which uses a top-mounted control system.

We found it really easy to operate.

The SmartDry Plus setting ensures that every load comes out dry as a bone.

There are also some energy-saving options that you can use when running a smaller load through the machine.

Kenmore Elite

Quick Fact: Kenmore uses a unique technology called the TurboZone in this dishwasher which utilizes powerful jets of water to force baked on food from the dirtiest dishes in the lower rack.


1. Easy to load with a flatware basket that can be split into multiple sections
2. The stainless steel finish doesn’t pick up fingerprints
3. You can choose a “top-only” or “bottom-only” wash cycle


1. It doesn’t have quite as much internal capacity as some of the other similar sized models
2. It’s a bit slower than some models in terms of the overall cleaning cycle
3. The knife holder can be easy to work loose

Miele Smart Dishwasher with AutoDos

The Miele Smart Dishwasher employs the “Power Disk” system that’s used in its big sister and thus, you teach it how much powder to use and then it measures out the next 20 loads for you.

We like the smartphone app that you use with this (available free from Miele) and it can alert you as to when you need to top up the “Power Disk” feature so that you never run out of washing powder. 

Miele Smart Dishwasher

Quick Fact: There’s a “QuickIntense” cycle setting on this that can clean a full load in under an hour, which is very handy on days when time is short.


1. Fully energy star certified – for lower power bills
2. “Power Disk” detergent dispenser is brilliant
3. Smartphone app is very easy to use and offers useful functionality


1. Still quite expensive for a dishwasher
2. Works best with own brand detergent
3. Not as quiet as it could be

Miele Fully-Integrated 18-inch Dishwasher

If you’re short on space then this Miele 18-inch dishwasher might just slide into the gap where a 24-inch one will not.

It’s a mini-version of its bigger sisters and has most of the same features, particularly the QuickIntense Wash cycle which makes owning a Miele dishwasher a delight.

The door opens at the end of the washing cycle automatically to aid the drying time too.

Miele Fully-Integrated

Quick Fact: Miele is a German family-owned company which is based in Gutersloh, Germany. They are a premium manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality luxury items.


1. This is a genuinely gorgeous dishwasher that looks as sleek as it is
2. Comes with a great range of features
3. Plenty of different cycle options available for you to choose from


1. This is a fairly small machine which won’t work for some families
2. It’s a bit noisier than you might expect
3. It’s quite an expensive dishwasher

Farberware Professional FCD06ABBWHA Compact Portable Countertop Dishwasher

We don’t all have the space for a big dishwasher and, in fact, with an increasing move to smaller homes and living spaces many people are going to want a countertop dishwasher. The best of those is this Farberware Professional model.

It has an incredible feature set for a device costing as little as it does and it competes well against bigger models. 

Farberware Professional

Quick Fact: It might be small but you can fit a full 6 place settings inside this Farberware dishwasher, we think they may be warping the space-time continuum to achieve this.


1. Fully self-cleaning
2. You can choose to boost the temperature if you want it to dry faster
3. Has a full child lock to keep your kids safe


1. No words on the buttons just icons which can be confusing
2. There are some household items that won’t fit inside this smaller model
3. Can’t hold as much as a full-sized dishwasher which may mean more washes per day

Frigidaire – Gallery 24″ Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher

A lower-cost dishwasher from Frigidaire that doesn’t compromise too much on quality.

We liked the hidden button layout which keeps them away from children’s hands and the stay-put door design which stops it from opening on a curious child too.

It was a surprisingly quiet model for the price too. There’s also a handy “sanitize” option which lets you sterilize equipment inside. 


Quick Fact: This incorporates “DishSense” which is a system designed to detect how much is inside the dishwasher and adjust the water pressure accordingly.


1. Plenty of flexibility in the way that you load the dishwasher
2. 8 washing cycles is enough to give choice but not enough to overwhelm
3. Energy Star certified which reduces water and electricity use


1. Some long-term users complain that faults develop when the warranty expires
2. The spinner under the top rack can sometimes clip dishes in the lower rack
3. Some users report that food isn’t always removed in the wash

Samsung – Linear Wash 24″ Top Control Built-In Dishwasher with AutoRelease

Surprisingly the Samsung Linear Wash was the quietest dishwasher in our tests with a maximum sound of 39Db!

That’s very quiet indeed and makes it an excellent choice for overnight loads.

The finish is smudge resistant and that’s always a good thing.

You can get up to 15 place settings inside which ought to be enough for most families to get a couple of meals or more in a load. 


Quick Fact: This employs AquaBlastTM technology to provide corner to corner water coverage and thus, better cleaning than some older models of dishwasher.


1. Has an express speed cycle that gets a light load done in under 60 minutes
2. The adjustable rack is very good and easy to load
3. You can’t get quieter than this


1. You have to buy a separate hookup kit to install it – which is annoying
2. Some users are reporting problems with the automatic door opening at the end of the drying cycle
3. Samsung’s support does not have the best reputation

If you can’t find one that you like here, there’s also a great list of the best Whirlpool dishwashers here.

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