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Top 6 Best Electric Ranges for 2022

Electric ranges are super convenient and very easy to use, they allow the novice chef the chance to learn their game and the master chef to excel. 

You’ve got the option of a slide-in model, which can sit right next to your counter or refrigerator or a freestanding range you can put anywhere. 

We’ve got options for every budget here though it’s worth noting, the more you pay for an electric range – the more features and functions you tend to get, but all of them will cook a great meal particularly if you use great cookware.

So, grab your frying pans and let’s find a new oven and stove top to put them to use on!

Samsung – 6.3 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-in Electric Convection Range


Smart controls, a large oven space, a super powerful burner and air frying? What more could you want?

GE 30-in Smooth Surface 4 Elements 5.3-cu ft Self-Cleaning Electric Range


This GE oven is really solid and sensibly priced, it’s also self-cleaning and we love that. 

Frigidaire Gallery 30-in Smooth Surface 5 Elements 5.7-cu ft Self-Cleaning Electric Range


The expandable elements technology is very clever and this 30” model fits neatly in any kitchen. 

Best Electric Range Reviews

Samsung – 6.3 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-in Electric Convection Range

We can’t quite believe this Samsung 6.3 Cubic Feet Electric Convection Range

It’s so luxurious that it feels that it ought to be much more expensive than it is. 

It has a very powerful burner that will mean you’ll never be waiting long for water to boil. 

We love the fact that the oven can offer both convection and air-frying settings on top of the standard oven, that’s real value for money.


Quick Fact: This is a smart oven and that means it comes with its own app and it will integrate neatly with both Alexa and Google Assistant for extra flexibility when cooking.


1. Smart oven capabilities are really good and the app is very user friendly
2. We like the convection and air frying facilities which boost the value
3. The powerful burner really makes a difference at the end of a long day


1. Only 2, rather than 3, oven racks supplied in the box
2. The front controls use small markings which may be hard to read for some people
3. You need to lock this oven as it’s easy to bump into it and switch it on by accident

GE 30-in Smooth Surface 4 Elements 5.3-cu ft Self-Cleaning Slide-In Electric Range

One nice thing about the GE 30” Smooth Surface Slide-In Electric Range is that it is guaranteed to fit in your kitchen – if it doesn’t GE will pay up to $300 towards any modifications necessary to make it fit!

The 5.3 cubic feet interior isn’t as big as the Samsung model in this roundup but it’s more than big enough to cook a family meal without feeling pushed for space.

GE 30-in Smooth Surface

Quick Fact: This GE range incorporates dual-element baking technology and that means there is an upper and lower element to help heat evenly throughout from both sides of the dish.


1. The fit guarantee is awesome, it offers easy peace of mind if you’re not sure how much space you really have
2. The self-cleaning capability is first rate, there’s no need for heavy scrubbing
3. The LED display is very easy to read and more than bright enough


1. Takes a little bit longer to heat up then we’d like
2. The control knobs are a little bit too close to the hob surfaces and can easily be bumped
3. Need to make sure pan bases are completely flat and clean to avoid residue build up

Frigidaire Gallery 30-in Smooth Surface 5 Elements 5.7-cu ft Self-Cleaning Air Fry Convection Oven Freestanding Electric Range

The Frigidaire Gallery Electric Range is excellent and we really like the self-cleaning function which has several degrees of strength.

That’s awesome when you make a real mess in the oven. 

We were impressed by the SpaceWise(R) Triple Expandable Element which means you effectively get three elements incorporated in a single element too. 

It also incorporates an air fryer.

Frigidaire Gallery

Quick Fact: This Frigidaire model uses a Smudge-Proof(R) Stainless Steel which makes it hard to leave fingerprints on the surface and makes it much, much easier to clean than standard stainless.


1. It has an air fryer which makes for fast and healthy meals for the family
2. The third heating element and convection option make multi-rack baking easy
3. The quick boil burner makes boiling water super fast


1. Sometimes, the temperature seems to fluctuate in this model without any obvious reason why
2. It’s very easy to scratch the surfaces even if they are smudge resistant
3. The oven may self-clean but it’s quite a lot of work to clean the stove top

Amana – 4.8 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Electric Range – Stainless steel

If you’re looking for a budget freestanding model then the Amana 4.8 Cubic Feet Freestanding Electric Range is a steal at this price. 

4.8 Cubic feet is plenty of room to cook for most families too, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on cooking space.

We did find it odd, though, that there’s no electric cord supplied with it and you have to buy it separately. 


Quick Fact: For Jewish families, you’ll be pleased to learn that this has a Sabbath mode which is designed to make it easy for you to comply with kosher cooking practices.


1. Very budget friendly and you get quite a lot for your money too
2. The freestanding design is both robust and durable, we’d expect it to last
3. It has a nice built in storage drawer for all your bakeware


1. It really ought to have an electric cord supplied in the box
2. It’s not as powerful as some off the other electric ranges in our tests
3. Several reviewers say they’ve not been impressed by the after sales service

Whirlpool – 5.3 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Convection Range – Stainless steel

If there’s a brand you can count on, it’s Whirlpool and this Whirlpool Freestanding Electric Convection Range is an excellent choice for most families.

It’s a bit more expensive than the Amana model but it’s also quite a bit bigger and has a convection option and is fully self-cleaning and that’s something we think most people will value.


Quick Fact: This employs FlexHeatTM Dual Radiant Elements that allow you to change the overall size of the element to tailor it to the size of the pan which is really handy.


1. The adjustable self-cleaning technology is excellent and this oven is super easy to clean
2. The Frozen Bake technology makes it much easier to warm up frozen products
3. There’s a large front window for you to be able to watch your food cook easily


1. The display isn’t the best quality that we’ve seen in our reviews
2. The convection function isn’t the most powerful and it doesn’t always cook evenly
3. It can be hard to get it to hold to very high temperatures

GE – 5.3 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range

The GE self-cleaning freestanding electric range is another solid offering from GE and the high heat self-cleaning mode is particularly impressive. 

We also like the fact that the cooktop is in a ceramic glass-style finish which makes it very easy to wipe clean without any real problems.


Quick Fact: The power boil elements are meant to boil water at about 25% faster than a standard GE element. We couldn’t test this but they do boil water very quickly.


1. This is a low cost freestanding electric range from a good brand
2. The self-cleaning function is very good for the price
3. The cooktop is very easy to clean


1. Only has 2 cooking racks
2. There’s no keypad to make it easy to program
3. The timer alarm is ridiculously quiet

Final Thoughts On The Best Electric Ranges

You don’t need a huge number of features to make great food and our best electric range reviews reflect that.

However, the more features you have, the more flexibility you get when cooking and that’s not unimportant. 

So, we hope that you found the right electric range for you and your family’s needs in our review and that you’ll soon be cooking up happy memories of home cooked treats. 

If you’re looking for some ideas of what to cook on your new range, why not check out the best 40 cookbooks of all time?

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