The Essential Entertaining Blogs, According to Foodies

You’ve got guests coming over for a dinner party. You’ve got the new cookware, the super flatware and even the coffee machine to round things off. There’s just one problem.

You need ideas and it’s been a while since you last entertained, in fact, you’ve almost forgotten how.

Never fear. Help is at hand.  Our favorite entertaining blogs are stacked with ideas to make your party swing. Check them out!

Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

jordan's easy entertaining snack

Jordan’s Easy Entertaining is the most complete entertaining resource that we’ve ever encountered, so, if you only read one blog on this list, make it this one!

This site is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to impress their guests with their hosting skills. It is awesome!

With a wealth of knowledge passed down from her mother, a pastor’s wife who was a master at entertaining, Jordan is now sharing her tips and tricks with the world.

From finding the perfect recipes to choosing a theme to making sure the after-party clean-up goes smoothly, Jordan has got you covered.

For example, let’s say you’re planning a dinner party and you really want to impress some important guests. Jordan’s Easy Entertaining has you covered with a wide range of delicious and sophisticated recipes, from appetizers to main courses to desserts.

And if you’re not sure what theme would best suit your party, Jordan has plenty of ideas to choose from, whether you want to go classic and elegant or trendy and chic. She even provides helpful hints on how to set the mood with the right music, decorations, and table settings.

And when the party is over, Jordan has practical advice on the most efficient way to clean up, so you can enjoy your time with your guests without worrying about the mess.

With Jordan’s Easy Entertaining, hosting a successful dinner party has never been easier.

Check it out here.

The Reluctant Entertainer

The Essential Entertaining Blogs, According to Foodies 1

The Reluctant Entertainer provides tips and resources for hosting dinner parties, with a focus on helping people who may feel anxious or… reluctant about entertaining.

Sandy, the site’s founder, is passionate about food and bringing people together, but she understands that hosting can be intimidating for some people.

With The Reluctant Entertainer, she shares her own experiences, both the successful and the “oh no!” moments, in the hopes of helping others overcome their reluctance and become confident and successful hosts.

Through great recipes and connection around the table, we become better, stronger, and more courageous people. Feasting on Life is real, and every time we do it, we grow a little more.

Sandy Coughlin

If you’re looking for guidance on hosting dinner parties and want to learn from someone who has been there and knows the challenges firsthand, The Reluctant Entertainer is an essential resource.

Don’t miss her Big Boards!

Check it out here.

Intentional Hospitality

intentional hospitality noodles

With 16 kids and grandchildren, you can bet Gina, of Intentional Hospitality fame, knows how to throw a dinner party or cater to a huge family occasion. 

With Intentional Hospitality she shares her secrets to keeping a party simple and what to cook and how to prepare for one. 

We love the authentic southern hospitality vibe that comes from every page of this blog, we think that you will too. 

If you’re in need of guidance on hosting and entertaining, whether for a small dinner party or a large family occasion, Intentional Hospitality may be a helpful resource.

Check it out here.

Food Swoon

Food Swoon is a culinary oasis, publishing a plethora of recipes and other premium content related to the art of cooking.

At the helm of this gastronomic paradise is Ashley Brouwer, whose magical recipes have garnered her a reputation as a go-to source on the dinner party circuit.

It seems that Ashley’s expertise in creating dishes that are both delectable and visually stunning is no accident; she cites the influence of friendly neighbors who regularly hosted opulent moonlit lawn parties as a catalyst for her culinary ambition.

With wit, empathy, and a dash of erudition, Ashley has succeeded in elevating her skills to new heights and providing a veritable feast for the senses on her website.

If you’re seeking to impress your guests with your culinary acumen, Food Swoon is an excellent place to start.

Check it out here.

How Sweet Eats

how sweet eats chicken and peppers

Jess of How Sweet Eats brings together the most indulgent recipes from every corner of the earth. 

She shows you to take local ingredients and make things that will wow the hardest hearted of guests. 

Skinny Taste

If your guests are a little conscious about what they’re eating at the moment then Gina Homolka can help you find sensibly portioned, whole foods that will rock their worlds.

Skinny Taste demands that the food you serve be super tasty and also low in fat and calories to help you stay skinny. 

What’s Cooking Good Looking? 

what's cooking good looking

Jodi Moreno has been featured in nearly every national newspaper and cooking magazine because she’s the ultimate host and it shows.

What’s Cooking Good Looking is her cooking blog and while it’s not totally about entertaining there are plenty of great ideas to be found inside its pages. 

And when she’s not cooking, Jodi is busy doing humanitarian work, so there’s another excellent reason to read her blog. 

The College Housewife

There is no age at which you can’t start entertaining guests and Elizabeth, the 25-year-old owner of The College Housewife is living proof of that. 

She’s the ultimate hostess and she shows you how you can have a great dinner party anywhere on any budget, being young should never stop you from having fun!

Dine X Design

dine x design

Dine X Design is all about the presentation and Kristin Guy is an amazing food photographer but she’s also one of the best hosts we know of.

She’s got great party set ups (including all the cocktails you can drink) as well as many other food related tips. 

Go for the photography, stay for the food. 

Huckleberry Collective

Last but, most assuredly, not least is the Huckleberry Collective

Christina Brockman’s passion is food and flowers and she brings a unique aesthetic to the table. 

From decor to party planning, she’s got your entertaining needs covered.