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Top 7 Best Gas Ranges for 2022

The centerpiece of any kitchen is the range on which most meals will be prepared.

And while you could opt for an electric range to perch your best cookware sets upon, you might want to consider cooking with gas.

Gas is more environmentally friendly, it is lower-cost than an electric range to run and many claim you get better control over the cooking temperatures with a gas range too.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best gas ranges, to give you the option to up your cooking game and go with gas.

THOR Kitchen Freestanding Professional Gas Range


If you want the biggest and best gas range you can get your hands on, the Thor Kitchen is it. 

LG Slide-in Gas Range With 5 Sealed Burners


A bit smaller but offering high performance and plenty of stovetop space, the LG is great. 

BOSCH Slide-In Gas Range With Convection Technology


This sits perfectly flush with your countertop and has a very powerful center burner, highly recommended.

Best Gas Ranges

THOR Kitchen 48” Freestanding Professional Gas Range

This THOR Kitchen 48” gas range is an absolute beast and it’s not going to fit in every kitchen but if you have a large family to cook for, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

It incorporates two oven spaces and each burner is capable of delivering an incredible 18,000 BTU when you want to cook at the highest of heats.

THOR Kitchen

Quick Fact: There is a total of 6.8 cubic feet of oven space with the larger of the two ovens offering 4.6 cubic feet by itself. You could cook for a football team on Thanksgiving in this oven.


1. You get an incredible amount of oven space
2. The burners are very powerful
3. There’s a broiler pan supplied with the gas range


1. It’s a bit on the big side for many kitchens
2. It’s also a touch on the expensive side though you get a lot for the money
3. Some customers report needing Thor’s service people early in the ownership lifecycle

LG 30” Slide-in Gas Range With 5 Sealed Burners

If you’re looking for something a little smaller but offering just as much quality this LG 30” Slide-in gas range is a very respectable choice for most family kitchens. 

It’s a very attractive presentation and the convection oven allows you to fit up to three racks at a time, so despite the small profile – you can still cook a lot at one time. 

LG 30” Slide-in Gas Range With 5 Sealed Burners

Quick Fact: LG incorporates their own “EasyClean” technology into this gas range and we did find that it was easier to clean than any other model in our tests.


1. Cleaning is super easy and efficient
2. You get a griddle pan included in the box
3. You can quickly warm this oven to maximum heat in less than 10 minutes


1. It’s quite pricey for a model of this size
2. The stovetop doesn’t have quite as much space as we’d like
3. The fan noise is quite loud

BOSCH 30” Slide-In Gas Range With Convection Technology

The reason to choose a slide-in model, like the Bosch 30” Slide-in Gas Range, is that it will sit completely flat against your counters and look like it’s a natural part of your kitchen.

There’s no doubt that this premium range is a little expensive but it is a state-of-the-art range too with a large 4.8 cubic foot oven and more than enough burner space, including a very powerful central burner. 

BOSCH 30” Slide-In Gas Range With Convection Technology

Quick Fact: If you explore the base of this Bosch Gas Range, you’ll discover it has a warming drawer which allows you to warm things gently while the oven is in operation.


1. Easiest convection model to use as it does the conversions for you
2. It’s super easy to integrate into your kitchen
3. The warming drawer comes in very handy at times


1. It’s still a little expensive for this size of range
2. The stovetop is a little cramped
3. It’s hard to keep the stainless steel elements smear free

GE – 5.0 Cu. Ft. Freestanding Gas Range

If you need a more budget friendly model then this lower cost GE Freestanding Gas Range is a great choice for your kitchen and the oven is surprisingly spacious at 5.0 Cubic Feet!

However, compromises were made to get it to this price point and you won’t find any smart features in the range and it won’t self-clean either, sadly.


Quick Fact: This comes with 2 racks which can sit in 6 alternative positions and that means you can lay out the cooking space in the most efficient manner for your needs.


1. This is the most wallet-friendly range in our round up
2. You get a very large oven space considering the price
3. There’s a griddle built in to this gas range


1. You’ll need to supply the elbow grease as it’s not self-cleaning
2. If you like smart home products, this isn’t for you
3. Not the easiest gas range to install, you may need assistance

Frigidaire 30” Freestanding Gas Range With 5 Sealed Burners

This freestanding range stands out from the pack thanks to the front and rear control panels (most freestanding models only have them on the rear). 

The Frigidaire 30” Gas Range is also an excellent cooking machine with 5 gas burners and a central 18,000 BTU burner for when you need a lot of power in a hurry.


Quick Fact: One thing you’re going to love about this gas range is the steam cleaning function. Just add water and let it run and it’ll remove most mess without the need for any cleaning agents!


1. Very easy to clean thanks to the steam cleaning function
2. It has an air-fryer as part of the standard set up!
3. It also has a built-in temperature probe to make certain food is thoroughly cooked


1. It’s a built flimsily built compared to some other ranges
2. Some users report that customer support could be better
3. The control knobs can get a bit on the warm side

Samsung – 5.8 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Gas Range

This Samsung Gas Range is also very reasonably priced and while 30” may be a little small for some kitchens, it is a standard size and is very easy to slot in where a previous range once stood.

It has a very generous 5.8 cubic feet of oven space inside and we like the fact that they included a removable griddle in the box too. 

The child safety locks are a sensible inclusion that other manufacturers could learn from.  


Quick Fact: Despite the low price tag this oven is self-cleaning! That’s great value for money, though you don’t get any smart home features, sadly.


1. This is a very fair price for the quality of oven that you get
2. It’s completely self-cleaning
3. They incorporated child safety locks


1. It’s not the prettiest of gas ranges
2. There’s no smart home functionality incorporated in the design
3. The front burners are very close to the front edge of the cooking surfacee

Cafe 36” Freestanding Professional Gas Range With 6 Sealed Burners

This Cafe 36” Gas Range is for thoses with a bit more kitchen space than standard but not quite enough room for the THOR Kitchen model. 

However, you can’t complain about the large amount of cooking space that’s on offer here – with 6.2 cubic feet of oven space and 6 burners for you to choose from.  

Cafe 36”

Quick Fact: There is a contouring on the burner grates that is designed to help you reverse them to use rounded bottom cookware such as a wok with ease.


1. This has a very large capacity oven for big family meals
2. You can customize the outside to some extent
3. The contoured burner grates are a nice touch


1. It’s very expensive 
2. There are no smart home features available on this model
3. Some customers report that their range makes odd noises

Final Thoughts On Best Gas Ranges

A gas range is a great alternative to an electric range and we believe that our best gas ranges offer the greatest versatility when cooking.

They cost less to run than electric ranges and they heat up more quickly.

Of course, the easiest way to find out whether your new range is the right one for you, is to lay some place settings, grab a frying pan and cook a delicious breakfast on it.

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