Top 6 Home Pizza Ovens for 2023

Cooking the perfect pizza is a real challenge if you’re relying on a regular oven. That’s why you need one of our best home pizza ovens rather than a toaster oven.

When you want the taste of Italy at home this is the only way to get  it. And there’s something here for every budget and family size too!

Top 3 Picks

Breville Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven


If you really love pizza then there’s nothing quite like this smart oven!

Ooni Koda Powered Pizza Oven


A very strong runner up in our round up and an excellent choice for big families.

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black + Pizza Peel Combo


A very traditional looking pizza oven which does a great job of cooking pizza.

Best Home Pizza Ovens

Breville Smart Oven® Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

This is our favorite pizza oven of all time but we acknowledge that you need to eat a lot of pizza at home to justify the sticker price of the Breville Smart Oven.

It delivers a “wood-fired-style pizza” in under three minutes most of the time, which is impressive but it also takes nearly 20 minutes to warm up in the first place.

However, there is no doubt at all that the pizzas that come out of this oven are a cut above the rest.

Best Home Pizza Ovens

Quick Fact: Breville is an Australian company whose name is synonymous with the toasted sandwich in many countries. Founded in 1932, they are high quality and reliable.


1. For use indoors and looks great in your kitchen
2. Heats up to 750 degrees which is more than hot enough 
3. Incredible levels of control over the finished pizza


1. It’s expensive
2. It’s overkill if you’re not eating a lot of pizza
3. It’s not as pretty as it could be

Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

The Ooni Koda may be the most Instagrammable pizza oven on the planet and, indeed, it’s famous on that social network.

It’s very lightweight and you can move it around easily – you can also fold it away so that it takes up very little space.

It needs connecting to a propane tank and then it can reach a temperature of 932 degrees for the perfect pizza.

ooni koda

Quick Fact: Ooni Koda’s pizza ovens were born on the internet in a successful Kickstarter Campaign. The company donates 1% of their profits to environmental good causes.


1. Cooks up to a 16” pizza in under a minute!
2. Professional grade pizza oven
3. Chars the underside of pizzas to perfection


1. You need to buy a separate peel to build the pizza on
2. Lots of optional (and expensive) accessories
3. Needs a bit of practice before you get it just right

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black + Pizza Peel Combo

Another gorgeous pizza oven is the Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven and this time charcoal and wood-fired (though you can also add a gas attachment which is sold separately).

It can reach a temperature of around 930 degrees and can accommodate a decent-sized pizza.

We found that the heat distribution with this model was near perfect which is impressive for the very reasonable price.

Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black + Pizza Peel Combo

Quick Fact: A relative newcomer to the pizza oven world – Bertello is a small family run business which was founded in 2017 but with a solid track record of great value products.


1. A pizza oven for the modern family – reasonably priced
2. Cooks very well and delivers excellent pizza
3. The choice of charcoal, wood or gas is nice to have


1. If you want gas, you pay more for the privilege
2. Can only be used outdoors
3. Some customers report that the paint is easy to chip off

BakerStone O-ABDHX-O-000 Original Box Kit Pizza Oven

If you already have an impressive gas grill with three (or more) burners then you can use this BakerStone box to convert that grill into a pizza oven.

You simply set all the burners to high heat. Cover them with the box and wait 20 minutes before you can add your pizza to it.

The temperature inside varies but expect between 600 and 800 degrees, which makes for a slightly slower cooking time.

BakerStone Original Box Kit Pizza Oven

Quick Fact: Another Kickstarter launched business! This time run by Tim Case who is a product development specialist. They’ve won awards for their pizza boxes.


1. An excellent outdoor pizza oven at a very affordable price
2. The nimble pizza turner (provided) makes it easy to get a perfect finish on a pie
3. Handles on the outside make it easy to transport


1. You have to have a gas grill – don’t buy it if you don’t
2. It’s very heavy – you’ll need help to move it into position
3. Can only handle a 14” pizza

Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven 90

Another place it on a stove, pizza oven design but this time it’s only designed for sitting on Camp Chef Cooking System stoves.

So, if you own their BBQ grills or intend to buy one this is a great choice. However, if you don’t – you might want to consider another pizza oven on our list.

It is, however, great value if you’re part of the Camp Chef system.

Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven 90

Quick Fact: Camp Chef was founded 20 years ago and they make top quality products for eating in the outdoors with. They’re the perfect choice for campers that love pizza. 


1. One of the cheapest options in our round up
2. Produces pizza like a traditional wood-fired brick oven wood
3. Can hold up to a 16” pizza


1. It’s 30 lbs. and that means you may need help to move it around
2. It only works with the Camp Chef system, don’t buy it unless you have it
3. It’s hard to get this to high heats in some weather conditions

Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

If you’re on a really tight budget and aren’t too fussy about how the pizza is cooked just that it’s pizza then this Presto Pizzaz is a great little device.

You pop the pizza on the rotating section and set and forget until it’s cooked.

Sure, it’s not super quick and you only get one way of cooking pizza but in about 30 minutes, we got a perfectly presentable pizza without any trouble at all.

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Quick Fact: From Wisconsin and founded in 1939, Presto is one of America’s biggest household names for small cooking appliances. It’s a brand you can trust.


1. Great for indoor use
2. Set and forget approach means no risking over cooking or burning the house down
3. Really good at warming frozen snacks too l


1. It takes a long time to cook a pizza – 30 minutes 
2. Not particularly robust – we don’t expect it to last forever
3. The fan only switches off when unplugged


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