15 Best Indian Food Recipes For Family Dinners

I personally love Indian food and have been to India a couple of times. The food is amazing! I’ve compiled some of the best Indian food recipes for my favorite Indian dishes.

Indian cuisine is about as easy to explain as rocket science. If you’re a culinary history buff check out History of Indian Food by The Culinary Scoop.

Is This Beautiful Chicken Biryani One Of The Best Indian Food Recipes In The World?

Everyone should eat Indian food at least once a month! I got in the habit when visiting family in the United Kingdom and I think everyone should join in now.

My whole family loves a little spice with their chicken and this biryani is the perfect recipe. It’s just got so much flavor!


What’s your favorite Indian recipe? I’d love to hear about it.

Peranakan Rice Salad

I love an interesting salad and the “nasi ulam” is a rock star of interesting salads.

It’s included on our round-up of the best Indian food recipes because everyone needs some salad in their life.

It’s hard to find the ingredients to prepare this authentically at home but if you’re ever in South East Asia or if you have a really adventurous grocer’s nearby – please do give it a whirl, you won’t regret it.

What’s your favorite non-traditional salad? Share it in the comments below.

Get Some Tasty Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular Indian dish in the United Kingdom. That’s because it doesn’t exist in India.

This is a dish created by Indian expatriates entirely based on their host nation’s tastes in food.

In fact, Chicken Tikka Masala is the most popular dish of them all in England now, even more so than roast beef and Yorkshire pudding! So it’s a natural addition to our best Indian food recipes collection.

I promise you, your mouth will thank you for trying chicken tikka masala.

Vegetable Butter Jalfrezi Is Definitely A Best Indian Food Recipe

It wouldn’t make sense to make a lift of the best Indian food recipes without a vegetarian recipe. Plus, this vegetable butter jalfrezi is darned near perfect.

Many Indian minor religions don’t allow people to eat meat and the major religions often have bans on specific meats, so vegetarian food is very, very common as it means everyone can eat together without conflict.

Try it yourself, this is so delicious!

Yes, it tastes every bit as good as it looks! Get healthy and grab a jalfrezi today!

How To Make Soft Chapatis

You’re going to love Guru’s Cooking’s lesson on how to make a great chapati (sometimes also known as “roti”). They are the perfect accompaniment to nearly every curry or Indian dish and you can season them to taste.

Check it out!

Do you like chapatis too? I find they’re wonderfully easy to make and just so tasty! What’s your favorite Indian dish, tell me about it in the comments below.

Amazing Slow Cooked Beef Curry

There aren’t many recipes which use beef in Indian cuisine.

In fact, it’s against the law to eat cows in most of India because they are a sacred animal in the Hindu faith. However, there are a few kicking around and they, of course, appeal to Americans greatly because we love our beef!

I found this lovely recipe for a slow-cooked beef curry and it’s truly fantastic!

Do you and your family enjoy curry? What’s your favorite flavor so far?

How To Make Naan Bread Without A Tandoori Oven

Naan bread is the best unleavened bread on earth. Cover it in butter (or ghee), add garlic and cheese and sit back and enjoy the decadence of it all. It’s also the perfect companion for dipping in a curry or Indian stew because it’s substantial.

You can use it to spoon up the meat and then wipe the bowl for the last of the sauce! Yum!

Naan is traditionally made in a tandoor oven but this video shows you how you can make it without one!

Great right? Will you make this for your family?

How To Make An Authentic Chicken Balti

The chicken Balti is an Indian dish which is most popular in England of all places.

The Indian diaspora during the times of colonialization brought their traditional cookery with them and over time they began to adapt it to local tastes as they set up restaurants all over the United Kingdom.

Indian food is among the most popular “ethnic” flavors in the UK and the chicken Balti is amazing!

What other traditional ethnic foods do you know of that have been adopted by a new culture?

6 Amazing Curry Recipes You Have To Try!

Curry is the perfect food if you need a warming boost to the day or after a few cold beers on a hot Sunday afternoon.

If you’d like to make curries that transcend the background noise and become a talking point – you need these six recipes.

More than a million viewers can’t be wrong!

Which one will you try first? If you love curry then try the Thai curry in our 6 Best Thai Food Recipes article.

Learn To Make Lamb Rogan Josh

This is a wonderful curry and it’s not too spicy (unless you want it to be).

Lamb is a “compromise” meat in much of India. Hindus see the cow as a sacred animal, Muslim’s can’t eat pork but nobody has a ban on lamb (except some Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains who don’t eat meat at all).

Therefore many of the most authentic dishes are all about the sheep.

This is definitely one of the best Indian food recipes around.

I have to say that I love lamb rogan josh for me it’s one of the most interesting Indian dishes?

Have you tried it? What did you think?