Top 7 Best Instant Pots for 2023

Last Updated: 01/01/2021

Everyone should own a slow cooker and what better choice is there of a slow cooker than an Instant Pot?

You can replace a ton of your kitchen appliances with it and get great tasting meals as long as you avoid the silly mistakes we all make, when slow cooking, at some point or another. 

So, with that in mind check out our top 7 best instant pots, they’re all awesome. 

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1


The best selling Instant Pot for good reason – the right combination of price and value.

Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1


An extension of the best selling model and has a brighter screen too. 

Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 8 Quart


If you need an Instant Pot on a budget then this is probably the right choice for you. 

7 Best Instant Pots For Your Kitchen

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 | Best Value

best instant pot

There’s no doubt about it, this is the best selling model of the Instant Pot on Amazon!

And that’s because it offers a huge range of choice when it comes to cooking options and it does so at a very affordable price.

If you’re not sure if you’ll get enough use out of an Instant Pot then it’s a great place to start before investing more money into one.

Quick Fact: This model regularly goes on sale and it can make the difference between this and the cheapest Instant Pot disappear. 


1. You can use this instant pot to replace 7 different appliances!
2. It has an excellent range of built-in programs
3. We really like the variable temperature pressure cooker options


1. You can’t sterilize jars or other products in this Instant Pot
2. You can’t use it to make cakes
3. The LED backlighting is a bit faint when compared to more expensive models

Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 | First Choice Of Upgrade

instant pot

This is an upgraded version of the Duo and that means it has some extra features rather than reinventing the wheel.

It’s perfect for sterilizing baby bottles, jars, etc. which you cannot do on the original Duo.

As importantly, for those who find it harder to read things on screen the backlighting is significantly brighter on this model.

Quick Fact: One thing that we found super useful about the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 is that you can edit the cooking time and pressure levels on the fly – you can’t do that on the original.


1. Does the work of 9 separate appliances
2. Excellent value for money 
3. Is very good for sterilizing equipment and it can handle cakes!


1. There’s only 1 extra smart program despite the extra functions
2. You can only use the pressure cooker for a period of 4 hours before it turns off
3. At this price, we’d like to see some accessories in the box and there aren’t

Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 8 Quart | The Best Basic Instant Pot

best instant pot

If you thought the “Lux” stood for luxury, we’re sorry to disappoint you. In fact, this is the most basic range of Instant Pot that they make and that also means that it’s the lowest cost model.

It has far fewer features than the Duo and it only stands in for 6 other appliances (only, right?).

It’s ideal, however, for students and those who really need an Instant Pot but who simply can’t afford other models.

Quick Fact: You can keep your meals warm for up to 10 hours in the Instant Pot Lux and that makes it super handy for cooking in the morning and then a second helping at night!


1. Very easy to use thanks to the low amount of settings
2. You get 12 programs that are already built into it
3. You can replace 6 appliances with it


1. You only get one pressure setting  – “high”
2. You can only cook for four hours in the pressure cooker
3. You can’t make yogurt in the Lux

Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 | Best For Automation

instant pot wifi

The original Instant Pot Smart was discontinued recently and it was replaced by the somewhat beefed up Instant Pot Smart WiFi.

You connect this Instant Pot to your phone if you want remote monitoring and control of the pot and it can also accept voice commands from Alexa or Google Assistant.

That makes it the smartest pot in our round up. 

Quick Fact: This pot is great but it only comes in a 6-quart size and that might be too big or small for your needs.


1. You can get up to 750 recipes from the Instant Pot app
2. You can replace 8 appliances with it
3. There are also another 13 built in programs in the device itself


1. It can be a headache to set this up and work out how to use it
2.You only get one size of pot to choose from
3. Doesn’t have all the features of the Instant Pot Ultra

Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1

nice instant pot

Yes, the Instant Pot Ultra is the top of the range bad boy of the Instant Pot world with ten appliances in one!

It’s only real competition is the Duo Evo Plus when it comes to functionality and even there – it has a 3 quart variant that the Evo Plus can’t match.

The lid design seems to make cooking much easier because you can quickly check the valve settings by sight.

Quick Fact: This Instant Pot comes with a feature that allows you to adjust it if you live at a high altitude to get a better level of pressure – without needing to do any conversions!


1. The high-altitude adjustment feature is unique
2. The 3 size variants means there’s definitely a model for you
3. The Ultra can replace up to 10 appliances in your kitchen!


1. The manual really ought to give you more information than it does
2. It’s an expensive model
3. There are fewer pre-set temperatures than on the Duo Evo Plus model

Instant Pot Duo Crisp Pressure 11-in-1


Sometimes, you want to squeeze everything out of an Instant Pot. This model incorporates 11 devices into one for your instant pleasure!

Particularly, if you live in a tiny house!

Also, this is the only Instant Pot to also incorporate an air fryer!

Quick Fact: You only get an 8-quart size but that does mean that you can easily stuff a whole chicken into this Instant Pot!


1. It has an air fryer!
2. You can replace up to 11 devices in your kitchen with it.
3. It’s big enough to cook for a family in


1. It may be too big for some households
2. It’s not a viable replacement for a dehydrator
3. Some users have complained that this model has a toxic smell – we didn’t notice that on our test model

Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1

instant pot pressure

When you’ve got a big family then there’s only one Instant Pot to call for!

The Duo Nova because it comes in a massive 10 quart size.

You certainly won’t need a Dutch Oven if you have this.

Quick Fact: You only get an 8-quart size but that does mean that you can easily stuff a whole chicken into this Instant Pot!


1. Massive – you can easily cook for up to 6 people in it
2. It’s very easy to use despite the lack of manual
3. We found that it handles meat particularly well


1. No manual. Really?
2. It’s going to be too big for many people in everyday use.
3. It’s expensive for what it is.


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