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Best Mandoline Slicer Reviews for 2021

Looking for the best Mandoline Slicer of 2019? We’re always in search of a short cut when it comes to the hard culinary grind here at Kitchen Authority.

However, our short cuts still have to provide top quality results or they’re not really short cuts so much as compromises, aren’t they?

With that in mind we’ve turned our attention to the Mandoline Slicer. The mandoline slicer is a slicer designed for vegetables that can make short work of chopping nearly everything.

Best Mandoline Slicer Reviews for 2021 1

The base lays flat on the table and then there’s a second board which is perpendicular to the base. You hold the second board while rubbing vegetables over the sharp cutting slicer in the base.

When they work well, there’s nothing quite like a Mandoline Slicer to save you time and hassle.

So, which did we think was the best Mandolin slicer?

Well, it depends on your needs and budget but these 5 were all in the running for the title.

The Best Overall Mandoline Slicer | Meuller Austria Multi-Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

best mandoline slicer

This is definitely not the cheapest Mandoline Slicer on the market but the price isn’t so steep that it will leave you wheezing and breathless either. This is German quality engineering writ large and it shows.

The v shaped blades are all incredibly sharp and there are 5 to choose from (each with a different slicing thickness). When they’re not in use, they store away easily in the base itself.

We like the safety hand guard which ensures fingers never end up in the blades too. It is both dishwasher safe and easy to collapse and store.

If you eat a lot of veggies in your home; you can’t go wrong with the Meuller Austria Multi-Blade Adjustable Mandoline Slicer.

The Best Budget Mandoline Slicer | Prepworks Progressive Adjust A-Slice Mandoline

best mandoline slicer for home use

If you’re not looking to spend too much money on a Mandoline slicer then you might want to consider the Prepworks. It’s a very cut down hand held model but it gets the job done as well as any other Mandoline slicers.

There are only 3 thickness settings which felt a little constricting, but I think that’s just us being fussy after testing the Mueller device. The ridges are a nice touch to secure the hand held slicer in place over a bowl too. Their hand guard is also a great simplistic design.

While you can put this in the dishwasher, we agree with the manufacturer that you’d be best off washing it by hand.

The Prepworks Progressive Adjust A-Slice Mandoline certainly delivers bang for your buck.

The Best Multi-Purpose Mandoline Slicer | The Adjustable Mandoline Slicer with Spiralizer, Vegetable Slicer, Julienne Grater and Zoodle Maker by Prep Naturals

best mandoline slicer for home kitchen

If you can’t bear to part with your money unless a device does many things, then you’re going to love this Mandoline slicer.

It has a ton of built in additional, easy to use, functionality and comes with an extra 3-in-1 spiralizer too!

We’re impressed with the protective glove and hand guard that they throw in the box, it makes us feel like safety is paramount.

We don’t think this is as well-engineered as the Mueller product, mind you but it’s solid enough.

The manufacturer is also backing this product with a money-back guarantee to ensure you’re happy with it. We certainly were.

The Adjustable Mandoline Slicer with Spiralizer, Vegetable Slicer, Julienne Grater and Zoodle Maker by Prep Naturals is a quality product which does more than just slice.

The Best Professional Mandoline Slicer | Progressive International PL8-1000 PL8 Mandoline Slicer, White

best mandoline slicer for kitchen

If you like to ensure that you buy the best product of the highest quality whenever you shop, this may be the mandoline slicer for you. It’s not as pretty as any of the other models in our test but it is built for professional kitchens.

This device will almost certainly never require replacing and is one of the safest products in our tests. You can easily switch slicing sizes without changing blades too.

So, what’s the downside? This is a pretty expensive device for most kitchens. The Progressive International PL8-1000 PL8 Mandoline Slicer is great, but it’s probably overkill for your needs.

The Best Kitchen Starter Kit Including A Mandoline Slicer: 12-in-1 Vegetable Mandoline Slicer Cutter Set

best mandoline slicer choices

The good news is that this product has it all. A handheld Mandoline Slicer is just the beginning, there is also a julienne slicer, a garlic grater, a fruit peeler, an egg separator, a hand guard and more in the box. It’s also incredibly cheap.

The bad news? It’s not the greatest quality and we imagine that you’re going to want to replace everything within a couple of years. However, if you’re trying to set up your first kitchen on a budget, we can’t think of a better way to get moving.

Check out the 12-in-1 Vegetable Mandoline Slicer Cutter Set and you may be pleasantly surprised, we were.

Final Thoughts on the Best Mandoline Slicer

Choosing the greatest Mandoline Slicers for your kitchen doesn’t have to be hard work.

There are some great options out there to ensure your family can eat healthily and they’re all surprisingly budget friendly.

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