The Best Online Cooking Classes For Home Cooks

98% of Americans love to cook at home but they say their biggest frustration is learning new techniques in the kitchen without any support. 

There’s no fun in spending the day slaving away over a hot stove to end up with something burned and inedible and not knowing why. 

That’s where our best online cooking classes for home cooks come in, they’ll walk you through each technique in a way that anyone can follow and ensure you don’t end up with a culinary disaster on your plate. 


This isn’t the best place for a beginner to start but if you’ve been cooking for a while, then joining Rouxbe’s hundreds of thousands of home cook students is a great idea.

You can learn everything from food-safety to plant-based cookery on their site. 

Make sure to take a 30-day free trial to ensure that it’s the right school for you and then it’s $9.99 a month or $99.99 for a full year.

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Masterclass is not limited to cooking classes and you can learn to write or take amazing photographs on the platform too but it’s cooking courses are taught by the best chefs in the world.

Gordon Ramsay, Dominique Ansel, etc. all offer their expertise on Masterclass.

It’s $180 a year but you can sign up to get some free sample lessons before you commit. 

The Best Online Cooking Classes For Home Cooks 2

The Kitchn Cooking School

If you want something you can enjoy without paying anything then the Kitchn Cooking School is awesome. 

You can access a structured 20 day introductory course for free and they have plenty of other free videos on the site too.

The Best Online Cooking Classes For Home Cooks 3

America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School

The cooks at America’s Test Kitchen are some of the best in the nation, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that their online cooking school is brilliant too. 

They offer over 300 different courses for you to, literally, sink your teeth into and we like that you can get a 2 week free trial before you subscribe. 

If you do subscribe it’s $20 a month or $180 a year and we think that represent excellent value for money. 

The Best Online Cooking Classes For Home Cooks 4

Chef Steps Studio Pass

We love the variety of courses on the Chef Steps website and their production values are great for their videos too.

The only downside is that if you want to get much more than a couple of blog posts with some tips, you will have to pay an annual subscription fee.

But the good news is that this fee is a measly $69 and that makes ChefSteps incredible value for money. 

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Yes, the play on “Netflix” is a little jarring but setting that aside, Cakeflix is the best place to learn if you’re an aspiring baker.

This is a fabulous resource and we really like their monthly challenge which gives you the chance to win prizes. 

Their Facebook group is a good resource too and it lets you “virtually” rub shoulders with other students.

Enjoy a 7-day free trial before you opt to subscribe for full-time access to the 1,300+ courses on the site!

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