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Best Oven Cleaner Reviews for 2021

We hate cleaning, it’s the least fun part of cooking but it has to be done, right?

So, we’ve been trying to work out what the best oven cleaners is here in the Kitchen Authority test labs.

Our criteria for this is simple – which one makes the cleaning easiest?

Let’s take a look at what we thought was the best oven cleaners and a couple of other options if you don’t think that one serves your needs.

Oven Cleaner Overall | Easy Off Professional Fume-Free Max Oven Cleaner

best oven cleaner

This isn’t the best product for an oven that hasn’t been washed in years but for most jobs, it’s pretty great.

The spray really does penetrate baked on grease and other junk that’s accumulated on the sides of the oven, on the oven door, and on the racks.

You don’t need gloves, masks, goggles, etc. and it smells pretty good too.

There’s a reason that the Easy Off brand is American’s most popular cleaner and it’s because it works and it works well.

Oven Cleaner For Heavy Duty Work | Mr Muscle Oven And Grill Cleaner

best oven cleaners

If you’re got an oven which is absolutely filthy, then we recommend turning to Mr. Muscle but not before you’ve bought yourself some gloves and a face mask. We’d even use safety spectacles with this product.

It’s harsh and mean but it gets ovens incredibly clean. Just keep it out of reach of pretty much everyone in the home.

Oven Cleaner For Light Eco-Friendly Use | Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

best oven cleaners eco

For an eco-friendly low chemical cleaner, Puracy is incredible. The New York Time says it’s the best all-purpose cleaner they’ve ever tested, we’re not sure it’s quite that good but it is excellent.

It’s not going to shift a decade of hardened dirt, but it will clean almost anything else. It’s a bit more expensive than other options but we think it’s worth it.

Oven Cleaners | How Do They Work?

There are really two categories of oven cleaners. The first is basically a harsh chemical soup, you may need to wear gloves and/or eye protection to use this kind of cleaner. Some may even need a face mask.

However, they’re incredibly efficient at cleaning. They basically dissolve much of the gunk and dirt and then it’s easy to shift.

Then there are the less vicious “perfectly safe” versions which are often eco-friendly too. These try to do the same thing, but they don’t do it anywhere near as well.

That doesn’t mean you can’t clean an oven with these cleaners but… it does mean you’ll have to do much more work to get the cleaning done.

How To Choose Which Oven Cleaner To Use

In a perfect world, we’d all opt for the gentler more environmentally friendly oven cleaners but in reality, you want to think about this:

Heavy-duty oven cleaners: They’re nearly essential if you don’t clean your oven regularly or if you can’t put in the hard work to scrub things by hand. If you have arthritis, for example, you may want a tougher cleaning agent to, for cleaning oven racks perhaps.

Gentle oven cleaners: If you go this route – you ought to clean your oven on a much more regular basis. They’re less likely to cause allergic reactions and are ideal for the eco-warrior.

How To Use An Oven Cleaner To Clean Your Oven

Best Oven Cleaner Reviews for 2021 1

Check The Ventilation Near Your Oven

This is doubly important if you’re using a harsh cleaning agent. Make sure that you’ve got doors and windows open and that air is flowing through the space. You don’t want to burn your lungs. Trust us, this is not a nice thing to happen to anyone.

Read And Follow The Instructions

Most of the time, here at Kitchen Authority, we don’t read manuals, we scoff at them and then dive in. The exception is when we’re working with chemicals that could burn, blind or kill us. Then we read the manual really carefully and follow all instructions. You should to.

Let The Product Soak In

Seriously, if your oven is a filthy mess – you may even want to leave the product overnight to soak in fully. But make sure that kids, pets, etc. can’t get in or near the oven while the product is on it. You don’t want any harm done.

Treat Racks Separately

If the oven racks also need serious cleaning buy a cleaning agent which comes with a plastic bag designed for soaking racks in. This can make it really easy to clean the racks, which we like.

Final Thoughts on the Best Oven Cleaners

The best oven cleaners are the best cleaner for your needs. We don’t know how dirty/clean your oven is or what your allergies are like.

Be careful when using any cleaner and if you feel ill, get any in your eyes or burn your skin – seek immediate medical attention.

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