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Top 6 Best Portable Ice Makers for 2022

We love the ice makers in our best portable ice makers roundup.

Why? Well, of course, we know that you can make ice in any fridge or freezer nowadays.

But you can’t make very much and if you love to throw them in a blender and whip up a smoothie (as we do) or make some cocktails or just hate the fuss of ice cubes trays – an ice maker is a much better option. 

You’ll find that there are two main styles of home ice maker – a countertop model and an under the counter model. They can both be moved around reasonably easily. 

So, let’s take a look at our favorite portable ice makers and see which is which.

NewAir Portable Ice Maker


This little machine makes a lot of ice every day and it’s very easy to maintain too.

GE Major Appliances Opal


It’s expensive but the smart functionality is cool and the speed it makes nugget ice it can’t be matched.

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine


The controls on this ice maker are brilliant and it’s also very quiet when in operation. 

NewAir Portable Ice Maker

This NewAir Portable Ice Maker isn’t that portable.

We found it to be quite large and heavy when we used it but it is, otherwise, a top performer and represents the best value for money for a family ice maker.

It’s super quiet when it’s in operation and we like the fact that it has a self-cleaning function very much, indeed.

Cleaning is such a drag, why add more to your life?

NewAir Portable Ice Maker

Quick Fact: This can make 50 lbs. of ice in a day and creates 12 pieces of ice in just 13 minutes. That means you should always have enough ice on hand for a sundowner.


1. This is a large capacity machine – catering for a party is easy
2. The machine produces ice in a rapid fashion
3. It’s one of the quietest machines that we’ve tested


1. It’s large and it’s heavy – not as portable as it could be
2. Ice cubes can be a little “soft” to the touch
3. It gets louder when the ice drops and it’s hard not hear it

GE Major Appliances OPAL01GEPKT GE Profile Opal | Countertop

This is the heaviest duty machine of them all and it makes nugget or pebble ice. 

The GE Opal Countertop ice machine is also very pleasing to look at and the environmentally friendly design means that if the ice should melt, the water is placed back in the reservoir, so that none is wasted. 

It can also be controlled with the smart functionality on your phone with the GE Profile Opal App. 

GE Major Appliances GE Profile Opal

Quick Fact: You don’t need to hook this machine up to the water supply, you just pour water into the reservoir as needed. No water is wasted either.


1. The GE Profile Opal app is very good for making ice at a distance
2. The lack of water waste really impressed us – being green is a good thing
3. Starts to produce pebble ice after just 20 minutes


1. Maximum production capacity of 24 lbs. of ice a day
2. An expensive machine
3. Very noisy when it’s dropping ice

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

One thing that we really liked about the Euhomy Ice Maker Machine was that it allows you to set different thicknesses of ice cubes, which lets you get very elegant about your cocktails.

It produces 24 cubes per operational cycle and it takes up to 18 minutes to run a complete cycle. 

All told it produces nearly 40 lbs. of ice every single day which is enough for most families with room to spare.

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

Quick Fact: Not only does Euhomy recycle any melt water to prevent water wastage, it also filters that water to ensure that the taste remains top quality.


1. The controls are very easy to use
2. This machine is very quiet when compared to other ice making machines
3. It’s very quick to produce ice


1. The ice can come out in big clumps that need breaking up
2. You have to manually drain the melt water back into the filter
3. Can’t leave this on forever as it may freeze up the condenser

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 28 lb. Daily

As you might expect, this NewAir Portable Ice Maker isn’t much different from its bigger brother, however, if you don’t have much room on the countertop – it is smaller and more compact.

It can produce 9 chunks of ice (in a similar shape to a rifle bullet) at a rate of every 6 minutes, which makes it perfect if you want a quick hit of ice for a cocktail. 

However, there’s no self-cleaning mode on this model, which is a shame.

NewAir Portable Ice Maker

Quick Fact: NewAir recommends that you use this portable model in RVs and tiny houses and we concur, it’s much more portable than the bigger 50 lbs. Model.


1. This is truly portable, much easier to carry around than the larger model
2. It makes ice at a fast pace which is nice
3. You can choose from three different ice cube sizes


1. It doesn’t self-clean
2. The “full ice” warning can be triggered by accident when the machine is not full
3. The plastic casing is a little flimsier than we’d like it to be

Frigidaire EFIC108-B-Black Portable Compact Maker

If you want a more budget ice maker than this Frigidaire EFIC 108-B ice maker is a nice pick. 

It’s not as well-constructed as some of the more premium models but it does make ice and do so reasonably quickly.

It is portable but it’s bulky and we found it was best carried between two people rather than by yourself. 

Frigidaire Portable Compact Maker

Quick Fact: The motor in this ice maker is a relatively small 150 Watts which means it won’t drive your electricity bills up too high. 


1. The see through panel makes it easy to see how much ice you have
2. You can make really thick ice with this
3. It’s reasonably portable


1. It has no timer
2. It doesn’t self-clean
3. The ice store isn’t chilled, so use the ice or lose it

LITBOOS Portable Ice Makers Countertop

Another budget option from a lesser known manufacturer is the LITBOOS ice maker.

It’s reasonably portable and comes with a 60-day no quibble refund guarantee. 

It makes 9 bullet ice cubes every 9 minutes.

LITBOOS Portable Ice Makers Countertop

Quick Fact: The motor in this ice maker is a relatively small 150 Watts which means it won’t drive your electricity bills up too high.


1. Very low cost
2. Makes decent ice cubes
3. Energy efficient


1. Melt water is not recycled
2. Cheaply made, it will crack if you drop it
3. No refrigeration for the ice – move it to the freezer when it drops

Final Thoughts on Portable Ice Makers

We hope that you’ve found the perfect ice maker for your family’s needs in our roundup of the best on the market today. 

Once you get used to unlimited supplies of ice on hand, you’ll never want to go back to making ice by hand, we guarantee it.  And you can put those ice cube trays to better use

Now, excuse us, we’re off to put our ice maker to good use for a nice early evening Mojito with friends.

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