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Top 5 Best Salad Spinners for 2022

If you want to live a long healthy life, you need the best salad spinner you can find. Seriously!

Salads add so much taste to your meals and they’re low in calories (as long as you don’t go overboard on the dressing) too. Check out our article on the 18+ varities of lettuce for salad greens lover.

Best Salad Spinners

So, what’s are our most recommended salad spinners on the market today? That’s a great question and one we decided to check out for ourselves.

The Kitchen Authority Team has eaten a lot of lettuce this week to make certain that you and your family can get the best product for your home. So, let’s take a look at the results, shall we?

Best Salad Spinners

Best Overall | The OXO Good Grips Large Clear Spinner

best salad spinners

We found this Good Grips salad spinner to be the best value for money. It’s ruggedly durable, has plenty of room inside the BPA free plastic bowl for veggies and it looks great too. It’s a solid choice. We use it ourselves.

There’s a handy non-slip approach both to the handle and the base which means your salads won’t end up all over the kitchen rather than on your plate.

It’s also a very easy product to clean.

We love the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner and we’re sure you will too.

Best For Small Salads | KiloKelvin Plastic Kitchen Spinner

KiloKelvin plastic spinner

It’s not as big or as robust as the OXO model but it is quite a bit cheaper and it’s also a little smaller.

If you’re only cooking for one or two people, this is going to be perfect for your needs.

It is also, possibly, the fastest spinning salad spinner design that we tested or at least that’s how it felt. We felt it was well made and will last a good while.

We’re happy to recommend the KiloKelvin Plastic Kitchen.

Best Combination Model | Mueller Large Spinner With Lockable Colander Basket

Mueller Large Spinner

At 5 liters this salad spinner offers a huge amount of room for salad. If you’ve got a hungry brood to feed, it’s going to be worth picking up.

We also like the fact that this brilliant piece of Austrian engineering also doubles as a colander. It makes it good value for money despite the slightly steep price tag.

You’re going to like the Mueller Large Salad Spinner With Lockable Colander Basket.

Best Luxury Choice | The OXO Stainless Steel Spinner

OXO high-end spinner

Want your salad spinners to last a lifetime? Then this is the spinner for you.

You can toss up to 5 quarts of salad at a time in this stylish stainless steel spinner from OXO.

Why isn’t this our top pick? This is an expensive spinner, unlike the Good Grips Spinner.

We think it’s worth the money but it’s not in the budget for most households.

We love salad but we don’t think it needs this much engineering. Despite this the OXO Steel Salad Spinner is without doubt the our favorite spinner out there in the luxury category.

Bust Budget Choice | Prepworks Progressive Spinner

budget model

This spinner is half the size of most of the others in our review and as such is probably best for family’s that don’t use salad for much more than garnish or for solo households.

However, look past that and what you have is a high-quality product for a very low price. We liked the design which lets you use it easily left or right handed very much, indeed.

If you don’t want to spend much money on a spinner the Prepworks Progressive Salad Spinner is your best bet.

Why Do You Need A Salad Spinner?

Salad spinners are simply an incredibly – easy to use – effective kitchen tool for mixing up veggies and any dressing that you might want to add prior to serving.. It stops your salads from becoming clumps of individual items.

It’s easy to use, it’s convenient and best of all – if you have a salad that you put away a day ago and want to eat now, it’s a great way to freshen it up and ensure everything is balanced as it should be.

spinner choices

The only thing you really need to know about using a spinner is that you shouldn’t overfill it, you can’t mix things up if they’re all crammed in with no space to move.

If you find that certain leaves bruise when mixed in a spinner (it does happen occasionally when a delicate leaf is used with heavier ingredients) – just mix that leaf in separately after spinning everything else.

Final Thoughts on Salad Spinners

We love salad and a spinner is an essential tool for every American kitchen. We hope we’ve helped in your search for the best salad spinners.

If you don’t like salad, it’s because you haven’t experimented properly with the huge range of veggies and other components. There’s a salad for everyone out there.

Now you just need to buy the best spinner to bring out the optimum taste.

If you’re looking for “salad inspiration” then check out the recipes in this cookbook: Saladish: A Crunchier, Grainier, Herbier, Heartier, Tastier Way with Vegetables.


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