Best Smoothie Recipes for 2023

We love our smoothies at Kitchen Authority. I took an informal poll of the KA team and asked what is the best smoothie recipe of 2020. Here’s the top 10 results!

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The Carrot Smoothie With Milk – Looks And Tastes Amazing!

I have to admit that when my mind turns to smoothies, carrots are not the first ingredient that I think of.

Yet, Chef Colton persuaded me to suspend my prejudices towards the orange vegetables and turn them into a smoothie.

This carrot smoothie with milk is his creation and it’s so light and refreshing and decidedly tasty that I’ve fallen in love with it!

What unusual smoothie ingredients do you enjoy?

Oreo Smoothie Is Yummy But Not Very Healthy

I love Oreos but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that they’re not exactly the healthiest ingredient in food.

So, with that in mind, I recommend this wonderful Oreo Smoothie Recipe from the Smoothie Channel but with the caveat that you ought not to make these anything other than an occasional treat.

You’re going to love them!

Do you know any sweet smoothie recipes that are a little bit healthier?

Super Keto Peanut Butter Breakfast Best Smoothie – A Low Carb Classic

Smoothies are among the greatest foodstuff known to mankind, in my humble opinion at least, and everyone should be able to enjoy them.

However, if you’re on a low carb diet – you need to be careful because many smoothies find themselves high in carbs thanks to the fruit content.

This super peanut butter breakfast smoothie is an exception to that rule and it’s great!

Do you have any keto smoothie tips you could share?

Strawberry Avocado Smoothie Packed With Protein!

If you’re looking to shave off a few pounds from your waistline then this is the kind of smoothie that you’re really going to love.

It’s heavy on the protein which is going to keep you feeling full for a long time and it’s low carb which means it’s low on calories.

The vanilla nutricelle gives it a very moreish taste too!

Do you find protein keeps you full for longer?

Frozen Fruit Smoothie Is Our Favorite Best Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are one of the simplest and easiest things you can prepare in the kitchen but… only if you know how.

Sam the Cooking Guy has a great intro to making frozen smoothies!

It’s easy for experienced chefs and cooks to assume that everyone knows how to do these things, but we all have to learn sometime, don’t we?

Are there basic kitchen skills you wish that you’d learned?

Green Smoothie Recipe – A Weight Loss Wonder

Losing weight can be hard work. It’s not that it’s hard to find low-calorie food, it’s that it’s hard to find low-calorie food that’s both tasty and filling.

Try eating nothing but carrots for breakfast and you’ll be starving hungry by lunchtime.

So, that’s where this green smoothie recipe comes in – tasty, nutritious, tastes good and it’s filling!

What are your diet tips?

Watermelon Fruit Smoothies – A Refreshing, Low Calorie, Summer Treat

The humble watermelon is a bit of a wonder food. I’ts featured in many health conscious best smoothie recipes.

It’s packed full of vitamins, it’s relatively low in sugar, it has a clean, crisp taste and in the middle of summer it’s both cooling and refreshing. Combine that with a smoothie and you have a food that you can take anywhere that’s really good for you.

Check this recipe out:

What other refreshing smoothie recipes do you know?

A Breakfast Oats Smoothie – A Brilliant Way To Start Your Day!

This smoothie recipe ticks all the healthy eating boxes.

It’s vegan. It’s gluten-free. It’s dairy-free and it’s packed with protein which keeps you full all the way up to lunchtime.

Most importantly of all – it’s extremely tasty.

I don’t know about you but that’s very important to me before I fire up my blender – the end product must taste great.

Do you like oat-based smoothies? They are popular in best smoothie recipe round-ups.

Avocado & Matcha Green Tea Smoothies – Gives You A Boost And It’s Good For You!

I am a firm believer in the power of tea. I even wrote a whole Tea Maker Guide for Kitchen Authority.

I used to only drink coffee but nowadays? Bring on the tea!

It’s got the perfect combination of caffeine and taste for a smoothie recipe too.

So, here we see Protein Treats bring avocado and green tea to bear on creating a breakfast smoothie that will keep you full all day long!

What’s your favorite breakfast smoothie?

The Ultimate Chocolate & Banana Smoothie – Decadence And Taste All The Way From India

Ruchi Bharani’s one of my favorite Indian chefs.

This recipe for chocolate and banana smoothie is off the charts tasty. I could drink this every single day if it wasn’t for the, you know, chocolate and the toll it takes on the waistline.

So, I try to keep it to a once a fortnight treat but be warned, this is addictive!

Classic flavor combinations rock! What’s your best combo?

Easy Dark Chocolates (With A Coffee Center) – Taste Sensation With Booster Power

I love coffee. I love chocolate.

Do you know how easy it is to recommend a recipe with both present? Very, very easy indeed.

I make a lot of coffee at home – no excuses, get a coffee machine, instant is garbage. This is a great way to use a little coffee to satisfy your sweetest cravings. Be warned though – calories.

This is a treat not a way of life, sadly.

What’s your favorite filling for chocolate?

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