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Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Cleaners for 2022

Our goal to identify the best stainless steel cleaners was driven by our love of stainless steel kitchen appliances, utensils and tools.

They are classic, timeless additions to any kitchen. Whether it’s an oven, a stainless microwave, flatware, or a sweet stainless steel pepper grinder, they all deserve the very best care available!

When you buy stainless products for your home, you’re buying something to last and that means you need to be able to clean them effectively to protect your investments. And make your kitchen sparkle!

Sadly, for a long period of human history, cleaning stainless steel was a complete pain in the neck. You had to put an abrasive powder all over the surface and then apply hours of elbow grease to bring back the shine. Get it wrong and your stainless steel would look worse than when you’d started.

The good news is that we’ve been on a mission to find the best stainless steel cleaners for 2020 and beyond and we think we’ve found them.

BEST CHOICE: Therapy Premium Stainless-Steel Cleaner & Polish

#2 Weiman Stainless-Steel Cleaning Wipes

#3 Bar Keepers Friend

#4 Magic Stainless-Steel Cleaner

#5 Nano Towels

5 Best Stainless Steel Cleaners

Nano Towels (Stainless-Steel Cleaner)

Nano Towels stainless cleaners

If your stainless steel surface needs to come to a mirror-like shine then there’s no better product than these Nano Towels. We like the fact that they come in a full kit to remove streaks, smudges and fingerprints from stainless without leaving watermarks.

This isn’t the perfect choice if you need to do heavy duty cleaning of your stainless steel appliances or even pots and pans.

But you can use it to finish a heavy cleaning job to add that beautiful stainless gleam that everyone loves to see and which says, “I love my kitchen and I take real pride in hygiene.

You can also use these towels to clean your smartphone or your laptop and that’s a nice additional benefit!

You can check out Nano Towels (Stainless-Steel Cleaner) on Amazon.

Magic Stainless-Steel Cleaner Aerosol

Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner Aerosol

If you are, like us, passionate about having clean stainless steel surfaces at all times and even the slightest of marks irks you.

If you have found yourself searching for the best stainless steel cleaners then you can use Magic Stainless-Steel Cleaner Aerosol.

It’s perfect for just grabbing from a closet, spraying the offending area and then wiping it clean.

It also leaves a layer of solution on the surface that stops people from leaving further stains and that’s what we like about this product the most.

You can check out Magic Stainless-Steel Cleaner Aerosol on Amazon.

Bar Keepers Friend Superior Cookware Cleanser & Polish

Bar Keepers Friend Superior Cookware Cleanser & Polish

Traditionalists are going to love Bar Keeper’s Friend Superior Cookware Cleanser & Polish as it comes in a powder format like those used in industrial kitchens.

The best reason to go this route is that it’s able to handle the toughest dirt without damaging the underlying stainless steel. You won’t find scratches or marks when you clean things up at the end.

We’d also note that you can use the Bar Keeper’s Friend Superior Cookware Cleanser & Polish on any kind of surface and that includes plastics.

That means it can be really valuable when you have an appliance with different surfaces and you don’t want to risk using the wrong cleaner on the wrong bit.

You can check out Bar Keeper’s Friend Superior Cookware Cleanser & Polish on Amazon.

Weiman Stainless-Steel Cleaning Wipes

weiman stainless steel cleaning wipes

This may be the biggest brand of cleaning products in our Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Cleaners list. It is certainly the best-selling stainless-steel cleaner in the United States, today.

We really like the fact that they’ve designed a Ph neutral formula which is kind to your skin while you work.

These cleaning wipes are very easy to use and while they won’t shift the toughest stains they will shift almost anything and because they’re wipes, they are very easy to use in tight spaces (think the inside of a fridge or a microwave – getting into the corners just became really simple), these may be the best stainless steel cleaner wipes out there.

You can check out Wieman Stainless Steel Cleaning Wipes on Amazon.

Therapy Premium Stainless-Steel Cleaner & Polish (& Microfiber Cloth)

therapy premium stainless steel cleaner & polish

Now, we come to our favorite stainless-steel product of them all, Therapy Premium Stainless-Steel Cleaner & Polish.

It’s a spray on cleaner but you won’t need to go looking for a cleaning cloth because they’ve put a high-quality microfiber cloth in the box and it’s little details like this that drew our attention in the first place.

What kept our attention was the fact that this is made from all-natural ingredients. Which the best stainless steel cleaners should all be made from, right?

No nasty chemicals, no dodgy ingredients that you don’t want to trust in your kitchen but a product that you can rely on to deliver a superb shine on your stainless-steel without risking your family’s health.

They may be a newcomer to the cleaning scene but they have thousands of positive reviews online and they can count the Kitchen Authority team among their fans – this is the kind of innovation that we love to see in cleaning products.

You can check out Therapy Premium Stainless-Steel Cleaner & Polish (& Microfiber Cloth) on Amazon.

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