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Top Best Stand Mixers for 2022

There is nothing in the world that beats the smell of home baking. 

And with Americans now preparing more than 82% of their meals at home, more and more of them are now baking too. 

And there’s one thing that every expert of the culinary arts agrees on – you can’t bake properly without owning a stand mixer.

That’s why we put together our list of the best stand mixers, so that you can find a servant for the kitchen that takes all the hard work out of baking but leaves all the fun for you.

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer


A full on professional stand mixer. It’s glorious!

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer – Buttercup


A lightweight small footprint mixer that doesn’t compromise on power or quality.

KitchenAid Design Series Stand Mixer


If you want something more mid-sized then this is the best bet.

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer

Wolf Gourmet is a company that specializes in very high-end, high-quality products and it should come as no surprise that their stand mixer is incredible.

It looks amazing and it’s made with brushed stainless steel that can withstand pretty much any knock.

It comes with decent accessories in the box with options for more.

It can easily knead even the thickest of bread doughs too.

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer

Quick Fact: The mixing bowl in this mixer is patent-pending because of the way that you can easily adjust the bowl height with just a touch of a handle.


1. Very attractive looking device
2. Huge 7 quart capacity is great
3. More attachments means more versatility


1. This takes up a lot of space
2. It’s very heavy so don’t try to carry it on your own
3. It’s not cheap but then the best things in life rarely are

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer – Buttercup

At the other end of the size spectrum we find the KitchenAid Artisan Mini.

The brand is nearly synonymous with top quality mixers. It won’t surprise you to find two of them in our top 3.

We love the powerful 250 watt motor and the fact that all the attachments work with other KitchenAid machines – so if you want a bigger mixer one day, you don’t need to rebuy them.

KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer - Buttercup

Quick Fact: KitchenAid has been making stand mixers for 101 years now! That makes it the oldest manufacturer of mixers in the United States.


1. 10 mixing speeds and a choice of 10 colors too!
2. You can use all KitchenAid attachments 
3. You can lock the head in place to ensure even mixing


1. The beaters and the bowl cannot be used with other KitchenAid mixers
2. It won’t hold as much as some of the larger KitchenAid mixers
3. Some users complain that the enamel on the bowl can chip

KitchenAid Design Series Stand Mixer

The big brother of the KitchenAid Mini and it’s another fantastic product from KitchenAid.

This time you can choose from 30 color options and it looks really striking when you put it on a countertop.

You can even choose to have the bowl engraved (and there are an amazing 15 different bowl designs to choose from too).

It has a very powerful mixing action for a 5 quart mixer too.

kitchenaid stand mixer

Quick Fact: You might think KitchenAid mixers are expensive but their first mixer was priced at $2,600 in today’s monetary equivalent! So, in fact, they’ve got a lot cheaper over the years.


1. Awesome color options
2. Customization options offer the chance for a truly unique kitchen product
3. There’s no task that it can’t handle when it comes to kneading


1. The bowl sometimes seems to come loose when mixing
2. Needs a scraper attachment to blend cream cheese effectively
3. Some users report that it struggles with pasta mixes

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

This isn’t quite as big as the Wolf mixer in our number one slot but the KitchenAid Professional is still a mighty mixer (and the price tag is a little more reasonable than the Wolf mixer).

It was a real contender in our tests and though it came in fourth place, it’s no slur on the mixing power of this excellent stand mixer.

If you bake a lot then this will be a real asset in your kitchen.

kitchenaid stand mixer

Quick Fact: KitchenAid mixers struggled to find a market when they first launched and the company had to hire a door-to-door salesforce to sell them. Now, you can order online.


1. Very quiet mixing action
2. Super powerful will handle the heaviest of doughs
3. Professional aesthetic and feel


1. Many of the attachments aren’t dishwasher safe 
2. You can’t use the dough hook on high power settings
3. There is a 5 minute limit to the use of the dough hook

COOKLEE Multifunctional Electric Kitchen Mixer

This COOKLEE Kitchen Mixer is a huge mixer and at the same time, it’s at a budget price point.

You get a lot of functionality for the money, though.

This mixer will run at 10 speeds and while it does struggle with heavy doughs – it’s pretty good for everything else.

It also has a multipurpose attachment hub that allows you to use attachments (included in the box) for pasta, juicing, etc.

COOKLEE 6-IN-1 Stand Mixer

Quick Fact: COOKLEE may not be based in the United States but they do provide a five-year warranty on their products as well as local servicing in California.


1. Incredibly low priced model
2. All accessories included in the box
3. Reasonable power output for kneading


1. This doesn’t feel built to last – it’s a bit plasticky
2. Really struggles with heavy bread dough
3. Blender attachment is very basic, indeed

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

If you want a better balance between price and performance than the COOKLEE then you might consider the Cuisinart Stand Mixer.

It’s made of metal and has a powerful 500-watt motor which makes short work of heavy bread dough mixes.

It can offer 12 speeds too, so you have a reasonable amount of control over the severity of the kneading action. It comes in a choice of 6 colors.

Cuisinart Stand Mixer

Quick Fact: Cuisinart has real faith in its stand mixer and it comes with a fairly generous 3-year warranty as standard. We think this accurately reflects the build quality of this mixer.


1. Very cost-effective and a good choice as a first mixer
2. Very strong motor for the price
3. The 3-year warranty is a stamp of confidence in the quality of manufacturing


1. Attachments fail to come into contact with the sides and bottom of the bowl
2. You have to switch the mixer off and remove the paddle to scrape the bowl yourself
3. Struggles with high-hydration doughs

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

The lowest priced stand mixer in our trials comes from Hamilton Beach and while you might be expecting very little at this price point, it’s actually pretty good.

They say it uses the same mixing action as a KitchenAid mixer (though we’d note that it only uses a 300 Watt motor to do it with) and thus, it’s more powerful than some of the 2-beater stand mixers are.

Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer

Quick Fact: One area that it has the Cuisinart beaten is that the accessories all have complete bowl coverage – you don’t need to scrape the bowl when using the Hamilton Beach stand mixer which is impressive.


1. Very light design and suction cups keep it in place when in use
2. The controls are among the easiest to use on any mixer
3. The fiberglass finish is tougher than it looks


1. Only 7 mixing speeds – the fewest of any device in our tests
2. Can’t handle heavy bread doughs, in fact, we think they might break it
3. Beater stops functioning if dough/batter starts to clump on the surface

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