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30 Best Summer Desserts & Treats

This collection of the 30 best summer desserts was compiled this year at the end of the summer.

According to our records we made over 100 desserts last summer for a variety of meals and it was tough work narrowing it down to these 30 best summer desserts.


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Homemade Frozen Treats For The Best Summer Desserts

Here at Kitchen Authority, we get excited by the thoughts of super tasty summer treats! We begin with some really nice homemade frozen treats from Tasty.

We’ve found that the best way to cool off in the heat is by making something delicious that comes straight out of the freezer and into eagerly waiting mouths!

Which is your favorite best summer dessert featured here? Which will you try first?

Mango Dessert Recipes So Refreshing In The Heat

Mango is our perfect summer fruit. That’s because you can serve it exactly the way you want to and it’s always refreshing. So it’s definitely one of our best summer desserts.

Leave it a little underripe and bring out the sour tones so beloved in South East Asia, let it fully ripen and it becomes a sweet treat that your kids are guaranteed to love.

These mango dessert recipes will keep you all looking lively in the summer’s sun!

Are there are any other fruits that you associated with summer?

Oreo Pudding Dessert Boxes Are The Best Summer Desserts For Your Kids This Summer

Don’t make this one every day!

After all, while we love treating our kids, we don’t want them to end up overweight and diabetic if we can help it – so make these a special treat and not a regular occurrence and everything will be fine.

Having said that, we wish we could make these Oreo pudding dessert boxes every day because they’re absolutely exquisite on the taste buds.

What do your kids love to eat that you need to help them set limits on?

Super Easy Fruit Sorbet Recipes

When we think of our earliest summer treats, we can’t help but have nostalgia for the incredible sorbets of yesteryear.

These simply super summer desserts have fallen out of fashion of late and have become the domain of posh dinner parties as “palate cleansers”.

We think they’re better than that and you and your family will be much happier when you eat them any time you choose.

Check them out!

What’s your favorite sorbet flavor?

Yummy Summer Rainbow Dessert Recipes

If you want your kids to have fun while they eat, then you’re in for a super treat today.

Though, I confess, we make these for everybody – rainbows are just so wonderful to look at, right?

Yes, these yummy summer rainbow desserts really do look like they contain all the colors of the rainbow and they’re light, airy and just right for a hot summer’s afternoon too.

Everyone loves them and deservedly so.

Which one do you think your family will enjoy most? Are you ready to get with the rainbow for summer?

Sumptuous Strawberry Panna Cotta For Summer Snacks

Italy has produced some of the finest foodstuffs in history but for our money, the best dessert in the world is panna cotta.

A smooth creamy sensation that reminds us of a custard but which can complement almost any other flavor to deliver an unforgettable taste. And what better combination for the summer weather than strawberries and panna cotta?

We can’t think of one.

Do you enjoy a panna cotta for your summer desserts? Is there something else you love to put strawberries with, instead?

Cherry Crumble: A Summer Sunday’s Perfect Dessert

It’s as American as cherry pie, but there’s no pie. The crumble is a much better way to eat your cherries in the summer. It’s my son’s favorite best summer dessert.

Without the pastry, the whole dish is much lighter and it’s suited to a lazy summer afternoon in the back yard with your family.

We’d serve this after a BBQ or indeed, without any BBQ at all if we just wanted to indulge.

This is what summers are for.

What other great cherry recipes do you know?

Figs And Honey Cake Is The Most Unusual Best Summer Dessert

Sometimes, it’s nice to venture a long way for the well-trodden paths of cooking and go for something completely different, instead.

This figs and honey cake is such a departure from the safe route.

It looks absolutely stunning when you finish making it – it’s the sort of dessert that you might want to debut at a dinner party but it’s the taste that will blow everyone away!

Are there any great, but slightly unusual, summer desserts that you could share with us?

How To Create Super Summer Popsicle Cake Pops

Popsicles are awesome but at times, they also feel a bit limiting, don’t they?

Anyone can freeze some flavored water and sugar and make it tasty. Mainly because sugar is always tasty even if it’s not good for us.

These cake pops take the humble popsicle to the next level. They’re almost designer in their good looks and our kids absolutely go mad for them and so do we!

How will you liven up your kids’ summer treats this year?

Summer Jelly Layered Pudding Recipe (No Agar Required)

Agar is a low calorie alternative to gelatin but as WebMD says, it’s not entirely safe for human consumption.

So, this summer jelly pudding sensibly avoids both of these ingredients and delivers a delicious summer treat that won’t risk your health or your children’s health for that matter.

It looks wonderful on a plate before you serve it too!

Do you think it’s important to worry about what we eat? Or are people too afraid to take risks nowadays?

Strawberry Shortcake A Delightful Summer Tradition

This recipe took us right back to our childhood.

My mom used to make an incredible strawberry shortcake and the whole family would eat it in silence just appreciating the ability to savor the taste.

Unfortunately, she never passed on the recipe for her strawberry shortcake , so this year, I made it my mission to find one that was nearly as good and this was the result, it’s amazing!

What’s the most memorable taste from your own childhood?

Laura Vitale’s Orange Raspberry Coffee Cake For Summer

I love Laura Vitale’s channel on YouTube and I’m genuinely puzzled that it’s not as popular as it should be – I think it may be that Laura’s just too creative and adventurous to win the battle of YouTube search rankings.

That shouldn’t, however, put you off trying her orange raspberry coffee cake for summer.

In fact, this may be the nearest thing to heaven that can be sliced and served on a plate.

Which chefs do you think are unfairly underrated?

Super No Bake Summer Desserts

It’s summer and you don’t want to spend, all day, every day chained to the kitchen, do you?

That’s why we love no bake desserts – they’re the least effort that anyone can expend and still make something so tasty that their family wolfs it down like they haven’t been fed in a week!

So check out these super recipes for Watermelon Pops, Yogurt Fruit Pops, and Cheesecake Pops!

Are you ready to get your “no bake” on? Which one will you try first?

Candies And Desserts You Can Make With Your Kids

I always think that summertime is a great time to get your kids into cooking.

After all, they’ve got all that vacation time to kill and you don’t want them to spend it in front of the TV, do you?

Gaining cooking skills early in life gives kids a huge advantage throughout their lives. It’s easier to date, for example, when you can cook a meal that impresses your partner.

And yes, little boys should be taught to cook just as much as little girls should.

When will you put some time aside to make these with your kids?

Fresh Berry Fool Is A Refreshing Summer Daytime Treat

Summer fruit is just the tonic for making you feel less hot and exhausted. Packed to the brim with “good sugars”, vitamins and taste, you simply can’t go wrong when you go for a healthy dessert this summer.

And one of our absolute favorite options is this fresh berry fool. It’s really easy to make and it should impress even the fussiest of eaters too!

What are your favorite summer fruits? Do your kids love fruit too?

Summer Cake Hacks: Decorating Fruit Cakes Made Easy

Want to unleash your creative urges?

Then why not get your kids and head to the kitchen and learn how to make amazing looking fruit cakes without putting in loads of effort?

That’s how we spent the last weekend and it was brilliant!

I think my kids are much better at cake decoration than I am, mind you but I like to think I am better at doing the eating than they are. Fair’s fair, right?

How are your cake decorating skills? Want to get better at it and have fun with your family?

Italian Semifreddo A Summer Secret Everyone Should Know

I confess, I had never heard of an Italian Semifreddo until I stumbled upon this video.

I like to think that I know quite a few recipes thank to a.) my love of food and b.) the job here at Kitchen Authority but there are still millions of things to learn which is what makes life so exciting!

This Italian Semifreddo is worth knowing about too, your mouth won’t stop watering until you try it!

Have you ever stumbled on a secret recipe and been blown away by it? What was it?

Summer Watermelon Dessert From Ann Reardon

It’s a hundred degrees in the shade and you’re thinking that some dessert would be nice, so what do you turn to? Watermelon.

It’s not only delicious but it’s incredibly healthy and it’s massive water content means that when you’re drying out, it’s providing the rehydration you need.

But watermelon by itself can get boring and that’s where this summer watermelon dessert comes in!

Can you think of other food stuffs that can be made into masterpieces through a simple recipe like this?

Vegan Summer Dessert Recipes: Non-Dairy Ice Cream

We couldn’t go through an entire summer’s worth of treats without acknowledging the needs of our vegan audience, could we?

Besides these non-dairy ice creams are actually pretty tasty – we’re not sure we’d swap them for the real thing every time but they’re certainly worth trying in a little break from the norm.

Are you vegan? What are your favorite desserts that the rest of should know about?

10 Amazing Desserts For The Summer From The Icing Artist

Food is an art form. No doubt about it. At least, in our minds. But we are biased. Having said that, we think that if you check out these creations from the Icing Artist, you’ll be convinced that is an art form too.

These puddings aren’t just wonderfully tasty, they’re a pleasure to behold on the table too because they’re beautiful. They’re also pretty easy to make!

I love beautiful food, what’s the most challenging “pretty recipe” you ever tackled?

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse: Healthy Summer Dessert Time

Chocolate mousse goes perfectly with summer. It also, sadly, goes perfectly with making us bigger than we want to be. So much fat, so many calories and thus, it goes hand-in-hand with guilt.

Well, until we discovered this Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse – OK, it’s not perfectly healthy but it’s much better than regular chocolate mousse for your waistline and it tastes sublime!

Do you have any handy tips that would let us eat more chocolate without piling on the pounds? We’d love to hear them.

A No Bake Oreo Bunny Cheesecake For Summer

So cute, so tasty and so easy! That’s three for three in a good way!

The no bake Oreo Bunny Cheesecake is my go to when I come home and find my kids friends have come to visit and they’re going to need some unscheduled snacks.

No problem. I head into the kitchen and before you can say “no bake”, well nearly anyway, we’ve got this delicious cheesecake on the go.

What’s your favorite low-effort recipe? Want to share it here? We wish you would.

5 New Fruity Ice Cream Recipes For Summer

Ice cream is delicious and somewhat fattening too. We can’t resist the stuff but we do, at least, try and make our ice cream as healthy as possible.

You can’t put an end to cream and sugar but you can add an awful lot of fruit to the mix and ensure that you use as much good sugar as possible and boost the vitamin and fiber content of the finished article.

See for yourself!

Are you an ice cream addict too? Which one is your favorite?

Cheese Cake Stuffed Strawberries

What could be better than cheese cake?

Well, until recently, we’d have said just about nothing could be better than cheese cake. Then we were proven completely and utterly wrong.

You see it’s possible to stuff cheese cake into strawberries. It sounds like madness, doesn’t it?

But we assure you it’s not and that, in fact, it’s the most delicious thing since Ben and Jerry went into the ice cream business. You can find the full recipe and more at Fifteen Spatulas.

What else do you think we’ve been missing out on stuffing into strawberries?

Green Ice Pops Are The Best Summer Desserts For Healthy Kids

Summer time is a great time for kids’ treats. But it’s also a good time for them to end up eating nothing but unhealthy sweet stuff if we parents don’t keep an eye on them.

So, when things are getting a little out of control, we like to fall back on the green healthy ice pop.

Check it out!

Do you think you kids would enjoy this?

Avengers Endgame Cakesicles Are The Coolest Summer Treat For Kids Ever

Well, Thanos will be getting his comeuppance about now. Or, at least, we hope that he will.

Who wasn’t shocked by the way the 3rd movie ended? No more Spiderman! What!?

Anyway, if you want to be the coolest mom on the block you’ll be churning out these amazing Avengers Endgame Cakesickles and be sharing them with your kids and their friends!

Don’t worry, these aren’t as difficult to make as they first might seem.

Terrine Tiramisu Is A Super-Fast To Make Best Summer Dessert

An Italian classic with a little twist. This is a great summertime dessert which takes almost no time to prepare. It’s ideal for when friends drop in unannounced and you repair to the backyard to enjoy some wine and conversation.

You don’t want to make a heavy meal, but this can sweeten things up immensely.

Sometimes fast food is brilliant, isn’t it? Thanks Creative Family!

Tie Die Ice Cream! The Most Amazing Summer Recipe Ever!

We’ve been featuring some amazing recipes this month but we think this may be the prettiest of them all!

Tie die t-shirts were all the rage but are now completely out of fashion but we’re certain that tie die ice cream will never lose its popularity and once you watch this, you will be too!

Are you ready for your first attempt at tie die ice cream? We’d love to see pictures if you do.

Peach & Raspberry Mini Cobblers Are Perfect For Summer BBQs

I love these mini cobblers they’re so cute and they taste delightful. They’re another winner from Favorite Family Recipes.

We served some after our last BBQ and they went down so fast that at first, I thought that I might have forgotten to put them out.

Next time, I’ll be making more.They’re the perfect addition to the table after the serious eating has been done.

Do you like peach and raspberry cobbler or do you have an even better post-BBQ dessert recipe that you can point us to? This is one of my husbands favorite’s out of our best summer desserts.

Last-Minute Best Summer Desserts

This may be the greatest collection of best summer desserts ever made.

You see, they’re designed to be absolutely no effort to throw together in a heartbeat when people drop in on you without notice. And they’re absolutely awesome.

You’re not going to feel like you’re skimping out on the quality and everyone will look at you like you are a culinary creation master too! My family loved all of these and I am sure yours will too.

What are your tips for making desserts in an instant?

Looking for more classic dessert recipes for other seasons? Check out our round-up of 30 Classic Desserts.

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