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10 Best Tea Recipes To Soothe The Mind & Body

These are the 10 best tea recipes according to the team at Kitchen Authority. There’s countless tea recipes and many of them are fantastic but these are the 10 tea recipes our team nominated.

We love tea here at Kitchen Authority. Here’s our 10 favorite tea recipes to soothe the human spirit!

*To make the best cup of tea you need a quality tea maker. Check out our Best Tea Makers of 2020 Guide.

Fresh Peppermint Tea – A Great Way To Soothe Off The Hard Edges Of The Day

Tea has almost as much, if not, more caffeine than coffee.

However, that doesn’t mean that it has to remain a booster drink. In fact, there are many relaxing, calming preparations of tea and one of the best de-stress recipes for tea is peppermint tea.

You can feel the angst melt away as soon as you take a sip:

What’s your most relaxing drink or meal?

Yuja Tea – Kick Your Colds Into Touch With This Great Korean Recipe

Koreans just like their East Asian counterparts, the Chinese and Japanese, love their tea.

This wonderful recipe from Maangchi is for yuja tea. It has a really citrusy flavor and I’ve found that it’s a bit more subtle than the more traditional lemon tea.

They use it to treat a cold but it’s a warming concoction at any time of the year.

Do you know of any traditional cold remedies?

Hibiscus Tea With Orange Peel – A Vegan Treat For Your Immune System

I often feel like our vegan friends must feel left out with our recipes but not today! This lemongrass and hibiscus tea with added orange peel is 100% vegan-friendly.

It’s really tasty too. Best of all it’s said to give your immune system a boost which is great for warding off colds and flu:

Would you like to see more vegan features on Kitchen Authority?

Matcha Latte – An Authentic Green Tea Recipe That Tastes Superb

Green tea is one of Asia’s most popular foodstuffs but we don’t see that much of it in America.

I think that’s quite possibly because we love our coffee so much. However, it can make for a great change during your day and this matcha green tea latte is a really different drink.

I like to sip one at my desk in the afternoon:

Do you like latte style teas or do you prefer something more traditional?

Turmeric Tea – An Anti-Inflammatory And Fat Burning Recipe

Turmeric is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties.

I am going to be blunt. This is not the greatest tasting tea in history.

Nisa from Skinny Recipes claims that used as part of a strict diet it can also hope you lose a little weight fast.

Be warned though that this is a short-term plan – don’t rely on this for long-term weight loss:

What’s YOUR favorite diet food?

Karak Chai Tea: A Very Unusual Take On A Cup Of Tea

This recipe from Cooking Ring may be for the most unusual cup of tea that I’ve ever encountered. It uses ginger, cardamom and cloves among its many ingredients to create a taste that’s closer to Arabic coffee than it is to tea. I really enjoyed making this and it’s very much worth a try:

Do you have any unusual items you like to add to tea?

Honey & Lemon Tea: A Firm Traditional Favorite Tea Recipe

Sometimes, it’s nice to indulge in new and exciting recipes. At others, it’s better to relax with something more familiar and comforting.

That’s where we’re heading with Chef Ricardo today with this lovely recipe for honey & lemon tea:

What food stuffs make you feel warm & comfortable?

Bubble Milk Tea Recipe: It’s Time To Go Taiwanese With Tea!

Bubble milk tea is ubiquitous on the high streets of Asia now but it originated in Taiwan and if you’ve not see it, then you’re going to love it as it’s very visually appealing.

Souped Up Recipes brings you an authentic Chinese method to prepare the tea and its’ great!

Will you try this with your family?

Kashmiri Chai Recipe: Pink Tea From Pakistan!

It’s easy to forget that it’s not just China that was instrumental in bringing tea to the world and that India and Pakistan have been major players in the tea trade too.

How To Make Cheese Tea: Yes, Tea With Cheese In It!

This may sound awful but it’s THE big thing in China and Japan at the moment.

This cheese tea isn’t, thankfully, about dumping a ton of cheddar cheese into a cup of tea but it’s rather more delicate than that.

It tastes way better than it sounds and it has a pleasing visual aesthetic too!

What odd food combinations do you love?

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