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Best Vegan Cooking Schools For 2022

If you’re committed to a plant-based lifestyle and you want to turn that into a career, where do you learn to cook?

Well, the vast majority of cooking schools have yet to implement a vegan curriculum and that means you’re not going to get the level of choice that some other chefs do.

The good news, however, is that our best vegan cooking schools are quite a bit cheaper than ordinary cooking schools, though some of them are online only. 

The Best Vegan Cooking Schools In The USA

Living Light Culinary Institute

If you want to learn raw vegan cuisine the Living Light Culinary Institute is the place to do it. 

It’s surprisingly affordable too, when you compare it to our recent “how much does cooking school cost research”, the full training package which leads to Platinum Certification is only $18,420. 

They also offer online courses if you want to test the water before handing over a huge sum of cash. 

Living Light Culinary Institute

Natural Gourmet Institute

The Natural Gourmet Institute offers many different short vegan training courses for cooking. 

They also offer some seafood, organic chicken and egg-based cookery classes.
You need to study for 619 hours to get their ACCET certification. 

We confess, we found their website super-frustrating and getting prices or even information is a bit of a pain, they do have a good reputation for teaching though. 

 Natural Gourmet Institute

Vegan Culinary Academy

The Vegan Culinary Academy offers a fully online complete commercial vegan cuisine course which you have to contact them and enquire regarding pricing, etc.

We took their Private Chef course which is a very reasonable $49 and found the quality of teaching to be very high and the course materials to be very strong, indeed. 

We’d expect the commercial course to be a lot more expensive, mind you but if they provide solid instruction and support – it might be worth it. 

We’d recommend that you try their low cost program for yourself before committing to the more expensive one, $49 isn’t a lot of money to risk to get a feel for things. 

 Vegan Culinary Academy

Vegan Gastronomy

You can learn online and in person with Vegan Gastronomy and a full Vegan Chef’s award costs about 5,000 Euro (around $7,000 at the time of going to press). 

They teach you how to veganize the food that you already know and love and we tried out their vegan cheese online course and were really impressed with the quality of their materials.

If you’re looking to get a quick taste to see if they’re the right school for you – they do an online vegan baking course for as little as 250 Euro. 

 Vegan Gastronomy

The School of Natural Cookery

We thought that The School of Natural Cookery was the most professional vegan cookery institute that we came across when looking for training in this area, their website is amazing. 

They offer diploma and certification courses which range from as little as 4 weeks to 16 weeks. 

If you want to become a qualified vegan cookery instructor, The School of Natural Cookery has an 11-week program to allow qualified cooks to begin their teaching careers.

You have to send off for their most recent catalogue (which can be done on the website) if you want to know what their current fees are. 

The School of Natural Cookery

Please note: if you were expecting us to feature the National Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in this round up, we didn’t because they appear to have stopped trading and their website is now owned by a Korean company. 

This may be something to do with (or it might not) a recent lawsuit regarding disability discrimination at the National Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts. 

We would also have featured Plant Lab but their website shows that they are no longer providing vegan cookery training, either and have moved into developing custom plant-based farming programs, instead. 

Final Thoughts On Best Vegan Cooking Schools

Veganism is becoming more and more popular each year and we’d expect the range of vegan cooking schools to grow and grow, but for now, there aren’t as many choices as you might have expected.

The good news is that the providers above are all reputable and have delivered a solid plant-based culinary education for a reasonable period of time and they cost less than most standard cooking schools too. 

If you’re looking for other sources of plant-based cooking training you can always try our favorite vegan food blogs, Chloe’s Kitchen or these excellent vegetarian cookbooks

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