Best Vegan Food Blogs on Pinterest

One of the best methods to discover the best vegan food blogs is to tap into the wildly popular “visual search engine” called Pinterest.

Pinterest doesn’t just share vegan ideas, it shows you exactly what recipes will look like once you’ve put the effort in to make them.

Best Vegan Food Blogs

There are a lot of different vegan food blogs on Pinterest and we thought it might be helpful if we rounded up some of the best.

Vegan Heaven

If you want to go vegan, you’ve got to get to Vegan Heaven. It’s one of the most popular vegan boards in history with over 4 million views a month!

It’s run by Sina who is passionate about her veganism and sharing the kind of vegan recipes that everyone in your family will love. We know that our kids are always happy to try something from this board.

You’re going to want to see this stuff to believe it, check out her pin for her 31 Amazing Vegan Pasta Recipes article.

Best Vegan Food Blogs Recipes
Perfect Pinned Pasta!

Sarah’s Vegan Guide

She’s quite new to Pinterest but Sarah from Sarah’s Vegan Guide is kicking up a storm of views all the same.

That’s because her ethos of enjoying vegan food which is simple and affordable but always tasty is striking a chord with the vegans of social media. We’ve been really impressed with her efforts so far too.

Not to be too hyperbolic but Sarah’s pin for her how to make nut butter article convinced me to try making my own nut butter.

People thought I was nuts! It was the best decision I’ve made so far in 2019 and it changed my life for the better!

Best Vegan Food Blogs Nut Butters
Go Nuts Making Nut Butters At Home!

This Savory Vegan

With nearly 5 million viewers a month This Savory Vegan is a huge hit on Pinterest and you’ll be quick to grasp why when you stop in and enjoy what they have to offer. It does have a strong interest on the savory rather than sweet but don’t let that stop you. It’s brilliant.

Check out this amazing vegan black bean burger! My daughter is a huge fan and has made a few varations to suit her taste.

Best Vegan Food Blogs burgers
Get Your Vegan Burgers!


Vegansaurus is one of the longest running accounts on Pinterest and there are so many amazing vegan food options that only the hardest of carnivores is going to remain unimpressed.

Without Vegansaurus my head would be fine because it recently exploded when I heard about Vegan Chocolate Pizza! Check it out now or regret it forever!

Best Vegan Food Blogs chocolate pizza
Vegan Chocolate Pizza? Say what?

Kathy Patalsky

You probably know Kathy Patalsky from her hugely popular food blog Health Happy Life.

She’s also the author of two cookbooks: 365 Vegan Smoothies and Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen.

Well, she’s also in Pinterest and she’s put together an incredible collection of yummy vegan meals to choose from as well as including many of her own creations in the mix. You will not be disappointed!

The Laziest Vegans In The World

The Laziest Vegans in the World have an unusual approach to veganism. They’re all about the ready meal.

Seriously. They don’t cook, they reheat, and their Pinterest account is a loving tribute to all the vegan food that they can find on the shelves of stores.

It’s crazy but it’s it’s not even summer yet and they got me thinking about next Christmas when I spotted their pin for Califia Farms Almond Milk Holiday Nog.

Best Vegan Food Blogs laziest
Almond Milk Nog Anyone?

Amy Le Creations

If you want evidence that eating vegan food isn’t going to kill you, check out Amy Le Creations. Amy looks amazing for her vegan (and generally gluten-free) diet!

Her recipes are really healthy, but they never sacrifice taste and always deliver a surprisingly filling experience too.

We’d strongly recommend that you begin with Amy’s awesome desserts and this vegan salted caramel chocolate cheesecake would seem like an excellent place to start.

Best Vegan Food Blogs
Three Words. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa is one of the web’s most popular vegan blogs, so it stands to reason that you’re going to find them on Pinterest too.

This is vegan food with a very Indian slant and the world’s a better place for it.

That’s not to say they don’t touch on other culture’s cuisines, they do but they like to stick to their roots too.

We love Indian food and the though of going without naan bread would really stress out! Thanks to Vegan Richa – you don’t have to.

Best Vegan Food Blogs vegan richa
This Vegan Naan Is Out Of This World!

Gina Marie’s Vegan With Curves

Gina Marie maintains that not only can you shed some pounds on a vegan diet, you can also gain them when you want to. Her Vegan With Curves blog is an inspiration!

She takes both about weight gain and weight loss on her blog page and her Pinterest account is very popular with some great recipes too.

Gina believes it’s important to have a heart-driven purpose if you’re committing to veganism. Her pin for her article Four Important Reasons To Go Vegan instantly caught my attention. (I’m not vegan. Yet!)

Best Vegan Food Blogs reasons to go vegan
Go Vegan!

Brand New Vegan

And we finish our list with the Brand New Vegan who may not be the largest Pinterest vegan blogger but who is bringing a healthy dose of curiosity and inspiration as they follow their own path into veganism.

We think you’re going to love this! I particularly loved their Best Vegan Taco Salad recipe from their blog that I found when I spotted the pin below.

Best Vegan Food Blogs best new one
You’ll Never Look At A Taco Salad The Same Again!