All The Wine Blogs You’ll Ever Need

Wine Blogs

Welcome to our annual blog post on our picks for the best wine blogs of the year. We’ve scoured the internet and curated a list of the top wine blogs that offer the most informative, entertaining, and engaging content for wine enthusiasts.

From expertly written reviews to in-depth infographics, these wine blogs offer a wealth of knowledge for both new and experienced wine drinkers. They not only provide detailed information on different types of wines but also keep readers updated on the latest trends and news in the wine industry.

Our list includes well-established publications such as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast, as well as up-and-coming blogs like VinePair and Wine Folly that offer a fresh perspective on the world of wine.

Each of these blogs is known for its high-quality content, expert writers, and a focus on educating readers about the diverse and ever-evolving world of wine. Enjoy!

Wine Folly Entertains Enthusiasts

Wine Folly

One of the wittiest and entertaining wine blogs on the interwebs is Wine Folly, known for its visually stunning infographics and concise, intelligent writing.

Wine Folly’s mission is to make wine approachable and understandable to a wide audience, and it does so with a rare combination of humor and erudition.

The articles on Wine Folly are the perfect blend of fun and fact, making the blog a go-to resource for wine enthusiasts of all levels.

One great example of the kind of content you can expect to find on Wine Folly is “The Wine Aroma Wheel” which is an interactive guide to the most common wine aromas and flavors, illustrated with beautiful graphics and accompanied by a brief explanation of the science behind each aroma.

This type of content makes Wine Folly stand out from other wine blogs, as it not only provides information but also makes it an enjoyable experience to learn about wine.

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vinography logo

Vinography, founded and edited by Alder Yarrow, started on January 15th, 2004 as a personal project.

It has now grown to be a reputable source for non-conventional wine writing and one of the most impactful wine blogs on the web.

The site offers a wide range of content such as wine and sake reviews, restaurant reviews, editorials, book reviews, wine news, and coverage of wine events. It provides new and engaging content to its global readership on a daily basis.

The team behind Vinography strives to create an alternative approach to wine journalism by highlighting the stories, people, and passions that drive the world of wine, all while maintaining a relatable and grounded perspective.

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Dr. Vino

Dr. Vino

Dr. Vino is a wine blog run by none other than a doctor – Dr. Tyler Colman. He holds a doctorate from Northwestern University, which he earned by studying the wine industry.

Dr. Vino provides a unique perspective on the world of wine, as Dr. Colman examines the intersections of wine, business, and politics, and how they can impact the ease of enjoying wine.

His expertise and deep understanding of the industry make Dr. Vino one of the most informative and insightful wine blogs out there.

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VinePair is more than just a wine blog, it’s a journey into the world of wine.

As you scroll through its pages, you’ll be transported to the rolling hills of Tuscany, the rugged landscapes of Sonoma, and the picturesque vineyards of France.

The team behind VinePair, a group of highly experienced wine writers and editors, take you on a sensual journey of discovery, showing you the nuances of each wine, the terroirs and the stories behind them. They don’t just tell you what to drink, they show you how to taste and experience it.

From the first sip, you’ll be transported to the place where the grapes were grown, the sun that ripened them, and the hands that crafted them into the bottle you hold.

The reviews are not just about the notes and scores, they’re about the emotions and memories each wine evokes. The team’s passion for wine is visceral and palpable in every article. The enthusiasm is contagious.

VinePair is a must-read for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of wine and wine-pairing. Pairs well with a glass of wine!

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Jamie Goode’s Wine Anorak

All The Wine Blogs You'll Ever Need 1

Jamie Goode’s Wine Anorak is a popular wine blog that offers an accessible and engaging take on the world of wine.

The blog, which is run by Jamie Goode, a well-known wine expert from the UK, focuses on introducing wine to curious and enthusiastic readers.

He writes for various wine-related publications and iswell-knownn for his expertise and knowledge in the industry.

This blog is a perfect place for those who are new to wine to start their journey as Jamie’s approach is informative, engaging, and casual. Enjoy!

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The Feiring Line

All The Wine Blogs You'll Ever Need 2

The Feiring Line Newsletter is a unique and highly respected source of information on the world of wine.

It focuses on providing in-depth and honest coverage of viticulture and minimal intervention wines, making it the only independent newsletter of its kind.

The newsletter is written by the well-known wine writer and critic, Alice Feiring, who is known for her deep understanding and passion for natural wines.

Feiring Line Newsletter is a go-to source for those who are interested in the art and science of natural winemaking and want to get an in-depth and honest perspective on the subject.

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Wine Terroirs

All The Wine Blogs You'll Ever Need 3

Wine Terroirs is a wine blog that focuses on the stories behind the wines and the people who make them.

The blog is run by the French wine journalist and author, Joel Payne, who has a deep understanding of the wine industry and the history of wine.

Wine Terroirs delves into the terroirs, the regions, the grape varieties and the winemakers that make wine so fascinating.

The blog features a mix of information such as wine reviews, interviews with winemakers, reports from wine regions, stories on wineries and vineyards, and more.

Wine Terroirs is a great resource for wine enthusiasts who want to learn more about the stories and the people behind the wines they love.

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Fernando Beteta

red wine

Fernando Beteta is a well-known wine expert and educator. and has been a passionate participant in the wine industry for decades. He’s been involved in many different aspects of the wine industry, including winemaking, wine education, wine tasting, and wine marketing.

Beteta is also a well-known wine writer and speaker, and he regularly conducts seminars and workshops. He has a superb nose for wine and the stories behind it.

As a leading authority on wine, he is highly respected for his efforts to make wine accessible and enjoyable to a wider audience. Go, Fernando!

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