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Bestek Personal Blender – A Great Option For Baby Food And Smoothies

We continue today with our quest to find the perfect budget blender. You need a blender, everyone needs a blender but they’re often too expensive (hundreds of dollars for a Vitamix? It’s not happening for anyone outside of the 1%.)

So, what about the Bestek Personal Blender which is very reasonably priced at under $20?

(If you’re looking for something different then check out our 2019 Best Blender Guide.

Does it hold up and would you want this product in your kitchen?

That’s what I aimed to find out when I gave it a test run this week.

Try The Blender Challenge

If you want to get a little extra entertainment out of your blender, why not try this blender challenge?

Whizz up all your favorite foods in a single glass and then chow down on it. Disgusting or delightful? You’ll only know when you try it!

Now you’ve seen other people do it, will you have a go?

About The Bestek

OK, the Bestek is a decent blender for the price tag.

I have found better low-cost blenders but this one does a decent job of most tasks and it cleans well.

My issue with it is that it feels a bit cheap and plasticky which many others in this price range don’t.

It didn’t break but I think if my kids were to wash it up a few times, it wouldn’t last so long. It looks nice but I think you’ll need to take very good care of it for this to last more than a year or two.

I do recommend the Bestek Personal Blender as it works fine but I would recommend checking out some others in the same price range first. Find it on Amazon here.


  1. I really need this. I am diabetic and this will help me daily. There are days that I cannot always cook a meal for myself, but I can us this a lot better. I am 71 and I have Neuropathy so it is hard to stand to cook.

  2. I am having difficulties entering these contests, please if you can check them whether they are working. they donot pass your name and email.
    Thank you

  3. I like the idea that it’s more petite than the norm. Plus I have troubles with certain foods that are not easy to digest. This would be an answer to my prayers! Please, please, please pick me!

  4. Have trouble holding on to heavy objects I need to use both hands to hold it. This looks like it is smaller than the blenders I’m use to and looks easier to handle.


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Bestek Personal Blender – A Great Option For Baby Food And Smoothies 5
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