Better Chef Coffee Maker Review

The Better Chef Coffee Maker is the answer to an oft-asked question here at Kitchen Authority HQ.

I am often asked by people, “how do I make good coffee at home without spending a fortune on a coffee maker?”

So, this month I set myself the task of finding a coffee maker which makes excellent coffee but which is affordable to absolutely everybody.

I think I found it in the Better Chef IM-102B Compact Personal Coffee Maker and I think you’re going to love it as much as I do.

Better Chef Coffee Maker Review

The Single Cup Coffee Maker

OK, there has to be a little compromise if you’re going to cut down costs and this one compromises not on quality but on quantity.

You can only make one cup of coffee at a time using the Better Chef product.

Now, that’s not going to help much for a dinner party but it’s just right for a sneaky cup in the office or at home on a day off with the kids.

However, the one cup thing is also an advantage. When you don’t use much water, your coffee maker doesn’t need much space either.

So, you end up with a very compact coffee maker which can easily be slipped into a bag and used away from home.

The Better Chef Coffee Maker Is Eco-Friendly

If you thought that was too much good news, it’s also green – no filters required and that means no paper waste!

The Better Chef IM-102B Compact Personal Coffee Maker will also work with grounds OR coffee pods and that means more choice in how you take your coffee.

I think it’s fair to say that for solo use it will be hard to beat this coffee maker on quality and price.

Get the better Better Chef IM-102B Compact Personal Coffee Maker at Amazon today.

If you want additional information about coffee grinders and coffee makers check out our Kitchen Authority Complete Guide to Coffee Makers. It’s a fair and honest appraisal of the best coffee makers.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I could really use a new coffee maker and the fact that this is a one cup maker is really a bonus. It would really save me not only time,but the expense of having to make a full pot only to have to dump the majority of it out. It would also be easier for me as it’s hard to lift the water to fill it up.

  2. I love, love, love coffee!! I drink it all day everyday. This coffee pot looks great! It’s definitely time for me to replace mine I have now. It’s been going for 3 years now and it’s had it’s fair share of use lol. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

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