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Black And Decker Rice Cooker And Food Steamer Review

I wish I had this Black and Decker Rice Cooker when I lived in Thailand! I don’t know if you’ve ever been to East Asia or South East Asia?

But, if you have, you’ll know that there’s one thing that can be found in even the poorest household.

That’s a rice cooker. You see, in places like Japan and the Philippines – people eat a lot of rice.

In fact, they often have rice for breakfast, rice at snack times, rice at lunch and rice at dinner too. When you cook a lot of rice, a rice cooker is a blessing, it lets you prepare a ton of rice and then use it as you need it.

black and decker rice cooker

I think we could probably use a little more rice in our diets over in the West too and so, I decided to try the Black and Decker 6-Cup Rice Cooker this week.

White Rice Can Be Boring

I know. White rice isn’t the most exciting thing on earth by itself. It’s kind of bland. Though it goes great with a curry or a stew where there’s a sauce to absorb.

You can also make egg friend-rice easily with a rice cooker (wait for the rice to cook, as soon as it’s done, crack an egg in it and stir quickly – there’s no frying required).

You can also jazz up your rice and make it the centerpiece of a meal as you can see with these 6 healthy and tasty rice recipes!

There’s also literally thousands of great rice recipes in our selection of the best cookbooks.

Back To The Black And Decker Rice Cooker

I really liked this Black and Decker Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. It makes plenty of rice for one family meal, but I’d definitely buy a bigger one if I had a larger family or we ate more rice.

black and decker rice cooker

It worked very well as a vegetable steamer too which was a pleasant surprise. I like it when you can get more than one use out of an appliance.

It also felt durable enough, as you’d expect with Black and Decker, to last a while and given that it’s very cost-effective, it may be the best bargain you’ll find this year.

Check the Black and Decker Rice Cooker and Food Steamer out on Amazon.


  1. I don’t eat rice, because mine never turns out…lol..this would be wonderful and something I can’t afford, but I’ll be sure to let all my tentents see and know about my rice after this. They will be excited to buy one I am sure!


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