Black and Decker Toaster Oven Is An Amazing & Versatile Counter-Top Friend

When I was a student, I had a kitchen the size of a stove top. There was no room for a ton of fancy kitchen equipment and frankly, even if there had been, I wouldn’t have had time to use it.

So, I bought two pieces of cooking equipment for my stay at college.

The first was a microwave because there’s no better way to cook vegetables in tiny spaces, you preserve more vitamins and minerals than you do with boiling and they don’t require straining either.

The second was a toaster oven because life without pizza is not OK and microwaves suck at pizza.

If you want to compare all different toaster oven makes and models please read our Toaster Oven Guide for 2019.

The Black and Decker Toaster Oven is a Small Kitchen’s Best Friend

A toaster oven is the best friend of any small kitchen. You can roast chicken in it, make pizza or cheese on toast, roast or grill veggies, and more.

black and decker toaster oven

There’s so much you can do without turning everything into a fried fattening mess!

Check out this video on how to use a toaster oven. It’s so easy!

So, Why This Black and Decker Toaster Oven?

Black and Decker is a solid, reliable brand. If you’re going to turn your limited space over to a single piece of kitchen equipment, you have to be able to trust that it will work.

For me, this Black and Decker Toaster Oven is nicely rugged and it’s not going to stop working at a critical moment. It probably won’t last forever but 3-5 years would be a reasonable expectation.

black and decker toaster oven

It can handle 4 pieces of toast and comes with baking pan, broiling rack and a toasting rack too. That means you get all the flexibility of a toaster oven in one package.

I also like the price of the Black and Decker Toaster Oven on Amazon, and I think you will too.

If you purchase this Black and Decker Toaster Oven then we reccomend you try out some of the recipes in our guide to all the best sandwiches. Enjoy!


  1. I’ve had a B&D toaster oven,under counter mount for 23years. It finally toasted it’s last. Thought it would be safe to buy another B&D but a counter top version. Sad to say it’s the biggest piece of junk I’ve ever made the mistake in purchasing.
    We’re currently looking for a replacement,not a B&D ,and will use the sledgehammer to put this one to rest.
    Sad day for B&D ,producing junk!

  2. I used to have a toaster oven years ago,vi lived it. Saved time, cooked the food nicely, didn’t gave to worry about turn in in oven. The toaster oven cooks everything quick.

  3. I just currently moved into my own place it’s a motel which has an electric stove and microwave, I love cooking and miss an oven what I would do for a toaster oven

  4. Oh how I can utilize one of these, no matter the color, I’m living in someone else’s home, which recently passed away, the kitchen is small, but as I work daily to make my life easier, not sure how long I’ll be living here, even if I have to move, I sure could use a toaster oven. I’m not much in taking time to cook for 1, oh how I wish I could be one of your winners!!
    ( Hope my name will be ok we who’s chosen)

  5. I would really love one in white for my kitchen. my other one died from being used so much. Please win me. Thank you

  6. Très beau cadeau, comme je ne possède pas ce genre d’appareil, alors je profite pleinement de ce concours en espérant être l’heureuse gagnante

  7. My son would like to have this kitchen tool next September when he will go to university !!!! He loves mine.

  8. Using four slice toaster. Love the versitile Black and Decker toaster oven and would use it daily.

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