Bodum Travel French Press Review

There’s nothing more American than a fine cup of coffee, right? The best coffee is freshly made but how do you ensure that you’ve always got a freshly made cup of coffee when you’re on the go all the time.

Modern life’s not going to pop you next to a coffee machine every time you need a little boost of energy, is it?

Well, the solution is here my friends – The Bodum Travel French Press. It’s the way to ensure that you can always make yourself a fresh, delicious coffee.

Bodum Travel French Press

How To Use A French Press Properly

Some people say that the reason they don’t use a French Press is that they can’t get it to work properly.

They find that the coffee that they make is often full of grounds and it really destroys the enjoyment of drinking it.

Fortunately, there’s a simple technique you can learn to make certain your coffee doesn’t end up like that.

Learn all about it in this video. It tastes as good as it looks, believe me.

So, The Bodum Travel Press?

This is a super device. Bodum is a big name in coffee and you know that if their name is on a product that it’s going to be a top-notch coffee press.

I found it very easy to set this up and get started. In fact, I had my first cup of coffee made pretty much as soon as I’d given it its first wash.

It was simple to use. The action is clean and satisfying.

The coffee that I made, thanks at least in part to some glorious beans, was superb.

It was also pretty easy to clean this and then pack it away for transport somewhere else. I thoroughly recommend it.

You can pick up the Bodum Travel French Press for a reasonable price online. Why not treat yourself if you love coffee?

For more about coffee grinders and coffee makers check out our guide to coffee makers.

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