Bread Slicer Toast Cutter Tool Review

I didn’t know I needed a Bread Slicer Toast Cutter until my sister-in-law gifted me one last year.

Sure, it doesn’t look like the most exciting thing that we’ve ever featured but I think it might be the best thing we’ve ever reviewed!

Yes, I know that’s a bold claim and one that’s going to be hard to justify (we’ve had a lot of brilliant products on the site) but this little item has saved me more effort than any other and for that… it’s a winner.

I’ve used this handy Bread Slicer Toast Cutter to make perfect versions of some of my favorite sandwiches and it’s never let me down. Perfection!

Bread Slicer Toast Cutter

You see this Bread Slicer/Toast Cutting machine lets me buy the homemade bread that I love and then slice them conveniently for the sandwich toasters that my family loves and for any other purpose too.

I am hoping that they invent one of these for roast meat as well… as my carving consistency isn’t perfect there either.

Bake With Jack Has Other Ideas

Now, Bake With Jack reckons you can do this without using this device.

That it’s just a matter of fine-tuning your cutting technique to get that perfect slice of bread and that, in fact, I am just a bit of a kitchen incompetent.

He may be right. This is a great video for those more dexterous than me that’s for sure!

But… let me put this bluntly, you will pry my Bread Slicer tool from my oven mitt clad fingers over my dead body.

The Bread Slicer Toast Cutter Is My Favorite Kitchen Tool Of The Year!

Seriously, I think I spend more time cutting bread than doing anything else in the kitchen.

I want perfect bread slices every time and I want them easily. No, I don’t want to go back to school to determine why I have no manual coordination whatsoever.

I love the Bread Slicer/Toast Cutting Machine and I think you will too. Highly recommended!

PRO TIP: Once you’ve got your perfectly sliced bread we recommend you pop it into a reader-favorite SMEG Toaster! Such a fine machine!


  1. My favorite this holiday time of year is my Grandma Dora’s Old English Saffron Bread, and a nifty bread-slicer would be just the ticket to making my meals easier.

  2. How will you send it to me if I win? You are not asking for an address to send it to if you are the winner.

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